Monday, December 30, 2013

Wow Yesterday was Amazing - Full of Signs ;) :)


I just wrote a blog post on my personal blog, but wanted to share this here also as it is affiliated with our life purpose with the messages that we are receiving from our spirit box and the downloads that I have been receiving.
So, get ready for 2014 as the messages are going to be rolling out. ;)

This is a copy of my blog post regarding our experiences and what we found out about what it all meant. Dec. 30, 2013

Ever Since we woke up today, we have been seeing 3's.
We woke up at 3 PM :) It is Dec. 30, 2013
Actually it all started with my dream I had:
I was dreaming a dream where I was watching and observing My husband 
doing the Same thing 3 times in a row, as I watched his energy change each time. 
I was standing in the kitchen and observing. I use the word observing, because it seemed like I was not really there. Like I was in a different energy field or not in my body. My husband was letting one of our dogs out, on the way into the livingroom, he saw one of our cats and for some reason, got mad at her and yelled at her, and throw her down on the floor.  I tried to speak to him asking: What on earth is going on? It was like he did not hear me Then it starts again. I see him open the bedroom door to let our dog out, this time his energy level is a bit better but not in his heart place yet. I noticed this time that our cat was in the bedroom.  He walks half way into the livingroom with the dog and then , it goes back to the same scene.
This was very strange. Again, He goes to the bedroom door, opens it up, the dog comes out, they both start going into the livingroom, but this time, he has a lighter happier energy.  I  then, thought to myself. Wow, now this is strange,how I have observed him three times, doing the same thing, but each time, his energy got better. The First time, he was angry and aggressive. 2nd time, he was not yelling, or being mean to anyone or anything, but he had an uneasy , unsettled feel to his energy. 3rd time he was lighthearted and peaceful.  I thought is this a Multidimensional scene, that I had just witnessed?  Does this affect Time? Then all of a sudden, I felt myself in my body and woke up.  I then went inward to get a message about what I had just witnessed.  I could not get an answer, so I reached over to hold my Pink Quartz Crystal to ask again.  That is when the strangeness, continued. My husband says: Good Morning It is 3 O'clock.
I did not answer him as I was waiting for an answer.  He then reaches over and slides his hand down my arm to my hand, bumped against my crystal.  I noticed this (Only because I have a belief that a crystal is for one person and another person should not touch another person's crystal). I shrugged it off and asked the question again. He did it again.  I allowed and continued waiting for the answer. Then he did it again. Okay, now this was just too strange 3 times?   Then my mind flashed to my dream, he had done that 3 times also.   I  asked my husband, what were you doing and why did you do that 3 times? No answer.. LOL and guess what I asked him 3 times with no answer.  I really started to think this morning was starting out really strange, but I will allow to see where it will lead.  Then I grabbed my tape recorder to record my dream to remember later on all the details. Every time I started to want to tell my dream, My husband interrupted. I bet you cannot guess how many times that happened before I finally got to start to record my dream and thoughts. LOL 3 times.  Yep. But the really weird part was that I  was trying to tell him that I really would like to get this one tape, which he did not listen. he got mad at me, telling me I got up crabby... and yelled at me. I did not listen too much of what he said, I said to him, You have this all wrong,  .. he continued to get mad, I said,  You have no idea, he continued to speak madly.  Finally he stopped, and I explained, about my dream and that I want to please record it. After he let the dogs out, I was able to finally explain what was going on, as he thought I was ignoring him  in the bedroom and was crabby. LOL How the mind can tell us things, that are not true. 
I finally got my dream on the recorder and he started to understand. Pretty soon, it started again. Seeing threes as I started doing work on the internet.

One was from a friend Paul:
A friend, Paul, left a message to our Google page , for Our spirits Talk:
Dear ourspirittalks, 
Thanks and the High Council of Orion already know about your feelings. 
May 2014 be more wondrous than your best dreams. 
<3 <3 <3
Now as I am typing this my husband decided to go make the cheese cake for New years Eve Supper. He was going to make one blue berry and one Cherry. Now you know where I am going with this.. He comes into the office and says: Where is that Hersheys, Chocolate Spread you won with Klout?  So, I told him and I said, why? he said, Looks like we will have 3 cheese cakes. LOL Just too cute. 

So I thought I would check to see what this means and here it is: 

"This sign indicates that your Spirit Guides agree with your thoughts and feelings and could be interpreted as a Cosmic 'Yes!' to questions you have asked or ideas you may have." ~ Spiritual Path: Numerology 

"333 is the sign that the ascended masters are working closely with you. You have called on them and they have heard your prayer. If you are seeing this number repeatedly on clocks or license plates it is a sign that the the highest of beings are around you now." ~ Free Psychic Insight: 333 Numerology 

"The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda." ~ Lightworkers: Number and Number Sequence Meanings 

This was found at the this link

So what I'd like to know is . . . how many of you are experiencing the same thing and how long have you been experiencing it?

Now this is really awesome as I also had insight today about who we have been speaking to on our spirit box sessions and more on our life purpose. Which are stated above, Ascended Masters. I guess it is time to do another session tonight  to see what they have to say to us. I am so grateful and so blessed. (See our last blog post Here)

Have a Wonderful New Years Eve Everyone ;)
Be Blessed ;)
Sending Love and Light

I few things have been cleared up.

I watched a video a few minutes ago, that is making a lot of sense. Once we started receiving messages of spiritual guidance, the energy beings that are speaking to us, which we were calling Angels and Spirits, there seemed to be 3 main voices coming through the spirit box, guiding and teaching us and encouraging us to spread their word.  In this video that I found today speaks about the masters coming through in 3's to distribute their energy and forming a triad. The main Light Beings that come through our recordings appear to be: Phillip, Jacob and Rebecca.  When we first started our journey in recordings, it appeared to be Evelyn, Tony and If I remember correctly Joseph. Our energy has changed and our knowledge of what has been happening has increased, which in turn gave us knew light beings/spirits/angels whatever name is comfortable to use. As we grow and raise our energy level the difference in energy and the messages that come through to us.
Such as in this video, there are two male energies and one female energy, which seem to be the same ratio that speak to us. I find this very interesting.

The biggest importance is that they have a message to those who are awakening to support them and guide them during this process. For those who are willing to hear the messages, it will help them in their spiritual path.  

In this video, they speak of different kingdoms and different masters in charge of those kingdoms. In our recordings they have been speaking of kingdoms, which I never really understood, what they were speaking about. 

They  were also speaking about different groups of  masters helping Humans on earth and humanity with different important topics that need to be addresses. 

Also in the video,  the message came through, that they (the masters who are helping us on the earth plane) those of us who grow spiritually and help others awaken, will not reincarnate again, but we will be serving as masters helping those still on the earth plane. I found this interesting also, as this is what the light beings who speak to us have also said.  That we had a special purpose now at this time.   For this I do truly believe as we also have had Arch Angels come through our spirit box helping and assisting.

Watching this video, cleared a few questions up, as to whom we are speaking to on the spirit box and what our mission is.  We are so truly blessed.

Now as I improve my belief system, I to will be channeling more message as Sharon is doing. For now, we will continue to listen to the message from the spirit box and send the messages out.  I also have had 3 1/2 hours of a download from my higher self or spirit guides and I will be sharing this soon.

They are looking for more humans on Earth that will help spread the word and are willing to receive messages. 

In the 2nd Video: It clears things up, that even though these are Males coming through, they now have divine female and divine male energies. So they are Not what we would think as male and females on earth. We are all starting to become one with source. These male and female energies coming through are one with source. 
Update: I have added another link below talking about Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine 

Here is the video: 

Unnamed Master Speaks about Triads

Why So Few Female Masters?

Mother Mary speaks of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Surprise Gift for Joyce and a Test for the Future

Joyce has been very active in our Facebook Fan Page, as a special thank you to her for all of her likes, comments and wonderful friendship, we did a surprise Session for her. Session was held on November 27, 2013.
I wanted to see if Loved ones would come through, without the person, Joyce, knowing and by just having her picture up on Facebook. This is a Trial test to see how it worked. Since I had the intent as a gift for her, I am hoping that she will be able to hear loved ones voices and message for her personally.
They definitely had a message for her. We did not put any words into this video of our translation of what we thought was said. So, Now we will wait to hear from Joyce as to if she hears any voices that she recognizes and is able to hear the messages. I know it takes some time to be able to hear the message with the white noise, but the spirits were talking pretty clearly during this session.
I have no knowledge of any information as to who she has that has passed over in her family or friends that may come through. I am very interested to see the results.

Merry Christmas Joyce. We Thank You for Your Friendship and Being an Active member on our Fan Page.
Please listen to the video below: Comments are welcome.

Best Wishes to You
Be Blessed
Sending Love and Light

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Video: Forget Everything You Have Been Taught.

It's Time You Knew
You Have the Power, You Always Have.
To Create A Life You Love
Forget Everything You Have Been  Taught.
Learn the Truth
It is Time to Start Your New Life.
A New Beginning
Release the Pain of the Past
Let It ALL Go
Holding On to the Past Does Not Serve You. 
It Causes Dis-Ease, Pain, and Suffering.
Time to Let Go of the OLD Patterns and Start Living
a NEW Way
You are the One To Make the Choice
You Choose What Kind of Life You Want to Live

Your Old Beliefs are Blocking You.
Open Yourself Up to Who YOU Really Are

Learn to LOVE Yourself and Be YOU

YOU Have ALL the Wisdom Within You
Just Begin to Listen

YOU are NOT What Others Think or Say 
or Have Said About You. 

What Has Happened in the Past You Cannot Change

Begin to Live the Truth Your Truth Being YOU

Begin Today Right Now
Every Day is a New Beginning

Live Your Life With Love
Become You

YOU Have the Power to Create the Life You Love

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Be Blessed

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Highlights of Session. Great Response!

Short Video with Highlights of our P-SB7 Spirit Box Session November 30th, 2013. Clear Communication. 

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Part 1 Nov. 30 P-SB7 Spirit Box Session Awesome

Awesome Session! Clear Communication with the Angels and Spirits.
Please listen to the video below with your headset to hear the spirits talking clearly. For those who like to know what the spirits say and not listen to the white noise, You will find the words below:

What the  Angels and Spirits Said:

It is a privilege to Talk to Your Human Vehicle
(Vehicle means Body).

You are with us. 
We are Together.

We're in Existence with Helping - whisper Helping

There's No Difference
Picked up Different
Keep Listening Deeply, it Wasn't Even it.
(here hubby and I were discussing the Angels and Spirits Names 
that we remembered hearing in recordings before).
(By what is being said Above, they are saying "They are One";
They are part of Existence. 
Also saying that we were hearing what they said incorrectly. )

i will repeat it.
Their Often Speaking There to Keep On Track
(There very nice way of saying we are talking and asking questions too much for them to answer us and us keep track of what is being said.)

You Are Forgetting
Your Purpose

It They Want to See Me, They're Gonna, Take On , Do it.
(They are saying to start moving forward on our dreams and do it.)

Person We Listen
We're Always Listening, In Habit , We whisper
(Hubby said: All is Good. Response: Understood. )
(They are saying they are always listening to us , hear all things, so they are in a habit of whispering)

Only Existence
Physical People
They Hold it  Hidden Inside, Back Deep.
(This was said, right after I said: I Love You. They are speaking of  People on earth holding our love inside of us deep.)

Watch the Difference
Quite Different
Beautiful Hope Helps Wisdom in Retrospect
(here Hubby was saying: This is so Awesome.  Response : I take it as, they noticed a difference in Hubby and want him to look back in retrospect to see how life has changed, now that he has changed).
(Having Hope and Living with Love, more wisdom provides us with a beautiful life).

Assist and Supportive with Humans Needing Your Help Faced With Burdens
(This was said, when I had said, We love you, we are still trying to get all of this figured out, who we are and they are, what our purpose is.)

Make a Difference. Think of Each Other.
Give Support, Help With True Fact.

Are Faced With
Help  ?
Those Who Need Support With Vehicle a problem
(When i asked, Can You Explain what you want us to do)
(Vehicle  means Body)

Working on Part 2 of this session 
coming soon. 
Stay Tuned ;)
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Stories about our Dog Seeing spirits

After what happened last night, I thought I would do a video and blog post regarding our Dog seeing spirits. 
We have a Black Lab named Pal, which has shown to us several times that he has seen spirits. I thought You may enjoy these stories. 
The First Story happened just after our Dog, Champion passed away. This was the first time that we had noticed a reaction from our Dog, Pal. 
The 2nd Story was about the night our cat, Dusty, had passed away. 
The last story is what happened last night, since it was so unusual , I thought I would share.  LOL ;)  

Leave a comment below and share any stories you may have had, we would love to hear from you.

Have a Wonderful Week everyone ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pay Attention to the Signs

Today we were Blessed with Several Signs from Our Passed Away Loved Ones, from the Spirits and a Miracle. We thought we would share our experiences as it was pretty amazing. 
Today we were shown:
A Flower. A Feather, A spirit Showed Him/her Self, Cord Came unplugged twice,  and the Miracle of  Hubby Working Today, when he was scheduled to have a day off. 
The flower that fell on my arm, was flowers that we bought for my Passed Away Mother for her Birthday.  We always buy flowers to celebrate her Birthday even though she is not with us anymore. That was so awesome, when that happened. 
I cannot imagine how the Feather ended up on Hubby's shirt, hanging up in the closet, as I  had just hung it up just a few hours prior.
I love seeing spirits when they show themselves. I am not sure who it was, I should have gotten the spirit box to find out. As Just after that, Hubby was vacuuming and the plug came unplugged on him twice. LOL Too funny, and the 2nd time, I was standing right next to it.

We are Blessed and Grateful.

Listen to our Video of sharing Below:

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Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Angels and Spirits Deliver Message for All - Video

October 21, 2013, I  had done a session for my sister, Carol (See Previous Blog Post). While I was doing this session, I thought I would ask the Angels and Spirits if they had an important message for our Fan Page Members and Youtube subscribers. Another Awesome Message from them!
See the video below. Don't forget to wear your headphones to hear the message clearly.

When the Angels and Spirits Say: Be Grateful for Your Vehicle - they are talking about Our Body.

The Only thing I am wondering about is when they mentioned:
keep Listening. Get Them Before They Kill Them.
Are they talking about the people who are not awake?
I have a feeling this is what they are meaning.

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Live Your Life With Love
Stay Positive ;) :)

Be Blessed

My Sister Called tonight and Needed Prayers

My sister, Carol, called tonight as she was in the hospital today with bleeding ulcers. She had lost quite a bit of blood but did not have a transfusion. They did send her home with medicine and said if she lost more blood to come see them again.  She has a rare blood type so she said, she may have to go to a bigger hospital. She asked for prayers. So, I did a session with the Angels and Spirits to help heal her and get a message for her.  I told her to keep her thoughts positive.

Don't forget to wear headphones when listening to him the Angels and Spirits Talking more clearly.
This is the session:

I also did a session for the day which I will do upload next.
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Be Blessed

Angels and Spirits

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Amazing How Life Works True Story that Blew My Mind!

Sharing a True Story of what happened to me in my life and it came to my realization yesterday evening after I did a session with our spirit box to celebrate my Mother's Birthday with her. I wanted to see if I could hear her voice.  When I was listening to the session, I took a break and all of a sudden these thoughts came to me about some things that had happened to me years ago, that I had forgotten about that actually lead me to talking to Angels and Spirits now. I was blown away with what came back to me in my memory. This video will explain it:

Please share with us if you have had these synchronicity events in your life.

Be Blessed 
Have a Great Week

Live Love and Think Positive Thoughts so they will come true ;)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Part 2 of Where is Heaven? Is it a Real Place?

This Blog Post and Video is Part 2, which is another Session of Asking the Spirits on the spirit box about Heaven. Please Watch Part 1 Video First , If you have not done so already.  
The Part 1 Blog Post with Video is Here:

Where is Heaven? Is heaven Real? Find the Answer Here.

Watch the Video Below and Leave Your Comments
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Have a Great Week

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where is Heaven? Is heaven Real? Find the Answer Here.

In a previous Post and Session, we had asked the question regarding Hell if this was an actual place. Since we got such a good response, we thought we would go ahead and do a session Asking about Heaven. 
Wow, was I amazed at the response to this question! 
Stay Tuned for Part 2 Of  Is there a Place Called Heaven in Our Next Video and Blog Post.
Make sure you put Your heave Phones on, as this is our actual session with the Angels and Spirits using Our Spirit Box.

Is there a Place Called Heaven? Is it Real?

Leave your Comments Below, we would love to hear from you.

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Have a Great Week

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Attention Americans: Change Your Beliefs - Live Longer! Have Freedom!

This is an Important Message Delivered to Us to Alert Americans to Change
their Thoughts! Change Your Beliefs! I Know, it took us awhile to understand what was being said to us, but this is a VERY Clear Message Here!  The Video Below is the Message Given to us:

Watch the Video Below and Share:

Remember: You Get what You Think!

Stay Focused on Positive
Think Love of Your Body Forever - Live Longer
Remove Fear and Doubt - Focus on Your Purpose
Spread the Love

Monday, September 23, 2013

Time to Wake Up Americans! What you Think and Say is What You Get

I did a session with the spirit box on September 22, 2013,  asking the spirits
to clarify something I had heard in an earlier session, which I will post soon.
I heard the spirits mention that there was an Important message for Americans.
So, I  had a session, especially for Americans, as a message for the Day.
I will do two videos, one with the spirit box session, which YOU will need headphones to hear the spirits talk clearly. Also one video with JUST the message that was delivered by them, just for those who do not like white noise.
This is too important of a message, the word needs to get out!

Please view the video below with the Session on the spirit box:
(if you do not like listening to the white noise watch for our next blog post and next video posted)

I Say: Wake Up America!
Think and Speak  ONLY What YOU WANT
Learn NOW
Wake Up America!
Be Blessed and have a Great Week

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Part 2: Do You have a Block that is Holding You Back from Loving Others?

This is part 2. If you have not watched the Video or Read the Blog Post of part 1 Please go here: Part 1: Hubby Shares Eye Opening Dream that Changed His Thoughts About Life, Love, Trust and Women

Listening to the Video, makes  a person really think about how something that happened when  you are young can affect you for years. So, Please be careful what you say and do! Please leave a positive impact not a hurtful one. 

A lot of the images that are inserted inside the Video are what the spirits had said to us in previous sessions. They all go hand and hand to letting go of the past, so that you can open up to Love.
The spirits sessions have left a big impact on both of us, as we know that everything they say, is for All of us, to learn and grow.

I am sure a lot of you can relate to what is being said. My husband has taken things out on myself and other women all of his life, due to this Fear he had. 

Please listen to the video below and leave comments:

We hope by sharing, something that is said, will help YOU, in your life. When we share personal experiences, such as this, we need to let go of our Ego, so we can help others. I personally thank my husband for sharing with others his dream and thoughts. 

We will be sharing more about how to  receive your own downloads soon.

Have a blessed week

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Session asking Spirits: What is Hell?

On our Facebook Fan Page, we had a question of the day: Is there a Place Called Hell?  We have always heard about a place called Hell, but is there REALLY such a Place? I was curious, so I  turned on our Spirit Box to ask this question.

Please watch the video below and then Read my comments below:

After listening to this session and putting in the words to the session,
I  came to the same conclusion as most of the comments on our Question of the Day. There is NO Such Place, it is HOW a Person Lives on Earth. If they live their life with negative thoughts, regret, sorrow than their life will be HELL for them! A Life of Turmoil, which is THEIR HELL.  It is Not a place you GO TO
once you die. It is lived here. So, My Advice is to Clear Your Thoughts, and Enjoy your life on Earth. 

Leave your Comments Below, I would love to hear them.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this, which is: Is there REALLY a Place Called Heaven?

Have a Great Weekend
Be Blessed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Does Our Passed Away Loved Ones Come Visit Us?

A Question Asked Quite Frequently on Our Fan Page:
Are Our Passed Away Loved Ones Still With Us? Are They Giving Me Signs They Are Vising?  Here is a Session with the Angels and Spirits to Answer This Question. 

We are using a Spirit Box to Communicate with the Spirits. So please 
Use Your Headphones When Listening to the Video Below, so you can hear them speaking clearly.

Watch the Video and Leave a Comment Below.

Have a Blessed Week

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do you Sleep Really Hard Right Before a Loved One Passes? If Yes, Read This!

A Dear member on our Fan page, Catherine, Asked a Question Regarding Why she Sleeps So Hard Right Before a Loved One Passes Away. We Asked the Angels and Spirits this question during a Spirit Box Session. This is the Wonderful Answer. 

We are truly blessed to have these Communications with the Angels and Spirits.  What a Beautiful Answer to the Question.

Please Watch the Video Below and leave a Comment.

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Be Blessed
Have a Great Week

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Do You have a Block that is Holding You Back from Loving Others?

Part 1: Hubby Shares Eye Opening Dream that Changed His Thoughts About Life, Love, Trust and Women
This blog post will be divided into 2 parts including a video for each section.
My husband had a dream, which we call a download from our spirit guides, that are helping us with our life purpose. In this dream, he cleared away blocks that he had for years, which was holding him back from showing love to others and trusting other people. In the video, you will hear our conversation we had regarding his dream and how it has changed his thoughts on life.
We hope by sharing, something that is said, will help YOU, in your life.
When we share personal experiences, such as this, we need to let go of our Ego, so we can help others. I personally thank my husband for sharing with others his dream and thoughts. 

I have felt for a long time, that my husband was holding back and not being his true self, but did not know how to reach him. This dream / download has finally released the blocks that I have not been able to do. I am so Grateful. I have my husband back.  

My Extra Thoughts about this Video:
When I re-listened to this and I had this thought about his Fear. Fear that others will leave him or break up with him again, which he had a block about. His 2nd Wife had passed away, so that is actually another way of "Leaving him".  Wow.
So, if we write our own script due to our thoughts we have, which in his case his Fear of loosing someone, this would fall right into place with what happened in his life. Really makes a person think. 

Would this have been part of his thoughts? When he wanted a wife that did not work and who was younger than him: he wanted to secure that hopefully I would not leave him, as I was more dependent on him and younger in hopes that he would not have to bear loosing another wife due to death.   

I am so glad that he has released these blocks and feel the Love that he has been waiting for all of his life, but afraid to really Feel it. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2

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Have a Blessed Week

Question of the Day: Would You Use a Spirit Box to Communicate with the Spirit World?

The Question of the Day on our Fan Page is: Would you Ever Use a Spirit Box to Communicate with the Spirit World? So, I thought I would write a Blog post and make a short video on my thoughts about using the spirit box and why I think people would have a fear of using one. 
I personally feel that everyone that has a passed away loved one that they would like to communicate with, or want to connect with their spirit guides, and have not developed the skills of being able to hear them, should use a spirit box. I am working on learning how to develop my skills better on being able to hear my spirit guides when they are sending me a message and would love to be able to channel messages from the spirit world, like psychic mediums, but until I have the skills developed,  I will continue to use the spirit box. I do like being able to use the spirit box with the recorder to do sessions for others, this way they can hear the words themselves, where a medium has no "proof" as to what was said. I do find comfort in this respect. 
If you would like to use a spirit box to talk to a passed away loved one or your soul group, as we call them, then as long as that is your positive intent and you do not have a fear, that is what you should connect with. This is what we have found to be true. 
There is so much drama and 'spooky" things on Television on the paranormal shows, that I feel that regular people, would have a fear to use a paranormal device, as they do not want to connect with Evil, demonic souls.  I do not blame them. I also think that just regular people would not use the equipment, unless of course, they moved into a home and things started happening where they think there are spirits lingering in their home and want to get it to stop.  My husband and I had several experiences we will share in a different blog post and video. but for now, I just want to clear some misconceptions and hopefully remove some fear as to using the spirit box to communicate with loved ones or spirit guides.

Enjoy the video. If you have any questions please leave comments below.

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Be Blessed!
Have a Great Week

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finding a Solution to a Problem

I had a Dream that I thought I would share with you. 
It has made a big difference in my life as to how I find a solution to "problems"
Please listen to the video and leave a comment below. 
I would love to hear from you

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Be Blessed

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Most Important Message You Need to Hear

This is one of the Most Important Messages, I have heard from the Spirits in a session! This Video Needs to be Shared with Everyone in the World. 
REALLY Pay Attention to what is being Said!
This communication was done on September 2nd, 2013.

I will be doing up images with the messages and spreading them around the internet and dividing this video up in smaller videos with Important Parts to Get this Word Out! I urge you to do the same.  They Know something we don't know, and they are saying this is Crucial and Critical .

Whether you Believe that a person can speak to spirits, Angels etc.. on a spirit box or not, it is time to LISTEN to this message with an OPEN MIND.

All Light workers Need to Spread Love Now!

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Be Blessed! Be Love!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Video 3:Messages Based on Our Communications with Angels & Spirits

We have Compiled Important Messages that we have Received on our Spirit Box
and have made images reflecting the Messages. We Feel that they are Inspirational and are Full of Great Advice. This is our 3rd Video of this Series.

Enjoy the Video and leave Comments. 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Part 4: Series of Touch Tone Lamp: Advice You Will Need to Know Before Deciding

This is Part 4 of Our Series Talking about using a Touch Tone Lamp for Connecting with Passed Away Loved Ones. This Particular Blog Post and Video is full of Advice and Helpful Tips You will Want to Hear BEFORE you make the decision to use one or not. We really hope that you will find the suggestions useful in making the right decision for you and your family.

Using the Touch Tone Lamp for your Loved Ones to Let You Know they are there with you is an Amazing Experience, but like all good things there are a few things that you may not expect. Watch the Video below and Leave Your Questions and Comments. We would Love to Hear from You.

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Video 2 of Messages from Spirits Helping Us with Advice

We have started to Make up some images with Short Messages that that are based from our communications with the Spirits. We have decided to put the images into Video format to share with everyone. This is the Second Video of the Series.

See Video 2 Below:

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video: Of Messages Based on Our Communications with Angels & Spirits

This Video is Made up of Messages that we have received in our communications, which I made up in Image forms to share.
Enjoy the video! ~More Coming Soon~

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Part 3: Are You Skeptic about the Touch Tone Lamp being turned on by Loved Ones?

We thought we would do a quick video in regards to my Husband being a skeptic about the touch tone lamp being turned on by our passed away loved ones.
He was not used to this and so he was skeptic. This video posted below, is how he became a believer.  This is part 3 of the series about the touch tone lamp. 
To Hear the other videos and blog posts about using the touch tone lamp:

Do you have a loved one diagnosed with a Terminal illness? Part 1

We would love to hear your comments and if you have experienced something like this, please share. We love getting to know others who have the same experiences.

Enjoy the video:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Marriage Counselling with Spirits August 9th - My session:

Hello Everyone:
Our Last Post was my Husbands Session with the spirits for some Marriage Counselling. today I am listening to the session I did just prior to his.
I had called upon the Angels/ Spirits for some Guidance myself.
None of us are perfect, that is for sure. My husband  and I had been fighting
on Friday which lead to be fighting all day. Right now, I have no idea why. Most of the time it is such a trivial thing but since it turns into a fight, there ends up being More and More hurt and pain so it isn't Just the original thing anymore.
Life can be so crazy if you live in your mind and Not in your heart.
My biggest advice is: Remember once words are said, they cannot be taken back, so watch your words carefully. Also Your Thoughts are heard by the Angels, heaven , God, so watch what you think, as you just might get it!.
Listen to your heart. Before you do or say anything, stop and check in with your heart first. Does this feel right? Is what I am about to say or do going to be from "Ego" or from my heart place.

The following is a transcript of the session I did with the Spirits.
As you will see below after fighting, I was very hurt and worn out, and NOT in my heart place.  Thank You to the loving caring spirits/ Angels for their unconditional love. 
(Note: Thursday Night, our touch tone lamp in the bedroom had come on, right before we were going to bed. Since we had been fighting then,  I asked my husband to do the session. I will be listening to that one tonight, but  in the video you will hear me state to repeat what they told my husband the night before, which was Thursday evening.)

This Session was an Eye Opener for sure! Gave me a good swift kick to what is Real!.

Begin Session:
Can You please repeat the message from last night
I'll be quiet so you can repeat it.

Learn Respect
It's Open
I heard that
Too Big
Hold On
thank you, I love you, I am Grateful.
Any advice you can give us would be Great.
could you please repeat what you said last night?
So, that way we can hear it clearly.
Thank You. Love You

I can do that
Quite Simple
Thank Heaven
Dear One Listen

Quite Simple
Stay Open
what you want
Think Of

(For Some Reason, I thought they were having problems with the signal
so I shut down the spirit box and then turned it back on.)

Okay I turned it back on

It's Open
Thank you
It's Open

It Involved Little Its on a Physical Level
(must have been talking about, that me turning the spirit box on and off did not change anything as far as they are concerned, same signal).

It is so wonderful that I am living my life purpose (sorry was sarcastic).

Be Grateful
Talk with Love
It's Important

It's Open
for People
the Kingdom
wishes You Well

Could you please repeat what you said last night, to my husband, and then give us some advice today. Thank You.

We're Grateful
Helping the Physical  Never Gets Old

Hmm , I am sorry, I  did not get what you just said.

Keep Helping
Each other
Keep Working together 
It is  Important

Did you say Call Back this evening cuz your working?

It's perfect
Helping the people , physical

We're Here
We're Grateful
Diane  Spiritual
It's our pleasure working  out  of  love
It's Important,   the People , Hear 
How to Live

You said something about Never doing something. Could you please repeat that? ( boy was I out of it that night, not hearing anything that was being said, during the session).

We weren't stupid
Diane, It's Important
for living  all you  have left,

it is done right

Okay, I will let you repeat it, then I will close down.
Sorry to interrupt you when you were busy.

We're Helping
We Need you,
tell others  about us
who wonder,  how to do it

Could you please repeat what you said  to my husband last night on the spirit box and any advice today. Then I will close down. Thank You so much.
I thank you so much that he is working at k-mart. 

what happens that wonderful feeling of peace

I am so grateful, that he works at K-mart and  never mind

All is good

Thank you very much for my house, my life, and for listening

Diane spoken
You need to Live 
spread your love this way

This is what I live for, isn't it wonderful. Thank You.

Important that you  love him  for his wonderful self

I thought I had all this down pat, last night, before he come home. 


Your working
Diane, Start over
begin with your special infinite spirit

Well, I am sorry that he did not listen to you last night. But I can't control what he does.  

Learn to Live with Hope
We're Grateful
We spread
God is Love

We Have hope

Okay, I will let you repeat that one more time.  I Love You, Have a Wonderful Day.  Thank You.

Your Welcome
We Love

Remember, That we 
We Love to be Useful

We Made it complete

Hi Byron
(He  just sat next to me on the couch)

We're Making visiting all the time out of  love

Okay, I Love You. Have a Wonderful Day. 
Maybe, I will listen to this when Byron is gone to work.
It is so wonderful that he works, so I can listen to these. 

You  Live Love
Your speaking of hurt
do love or need clean up

What's that? What did you just say?
Could you please repeat it?

It's Simple
Live with Love -Expect it
Big Difference
Bliss or   Liar
whatever is Fitting

Okay I will listen to this , thank you so much.  I love you. Have a Good Night.
I am Grateful for You. 
I would love to live my life, like I am suppose to be. 

We need to free up people
the People live by regret, memory of bad

hmmm I am not sure if I got that. I'll be quiet and let you repeat any important message, then I will close down. 

We're wanting Freedom from  Bad Ones
By Stopping off before  you do it.

hmm, how beautiful ...  for my husbands lying 

We Hear you
We're making  it real
one minute for real

( I think they were not happy with me, since they were busy telling me to speak and think positive thoughts, as my mouth and brain is still sad. I just was not hearing them either. )

You know, I am not living the life, I want to live.

you make it
it could be better
go deeper in truth
it's all built up , not true

I tell you what, if I get a job, I won't be able to ever listen to you guys. So..
If I go get a job, he can get out of my life. 

so live with him
Your talking in hurt
not truth

the universe knows

Well, Thank You. I love You. 

No problem
Keep Working
start working to find possible life available

I need to speak to him and I need answers.

start listening
you have all week
waiting for love
for his love
is real

Going to shut it off
Thank You

Very humiliating listening to this. But it is my life purpose to share my experiences and help others. So, I am releasing the Ego and Take Responsibility of my Actions. 
We just hope that the Advice given by the Angels / Spirits are also helpful for you!

Here is the video of the Session with the Spirits:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marriage Counselling with Spirits August 9th

Hubby called upon the Angels and Spirits on the Spirit Box for some Marriage Counselling on August 9th after we had a good long fight. 
We are sharing, as it may be useful for others, who are going through struggles.
I will write the words below of the transcript and attach the video of the session below. We hope that this helps others.

Hubby's words will be in Green and Spirits Reply in Blue:

Okay Spirits, this is Byron. I am screwing up Royally, so I need you to tell me what I need to know
It's Open. We're Listening Here. do Not Give Up Byron.

What should I change to do different?
You Think we are Stupid. 
We Hear You. 
Stop Talking Negative 
Let Your True Being Out

I'm Listening to Your Advice.
That's Good. 
Hi Byron
Completely Welcome to helping  you

Hello are you there? Advise Me. I Love you and I'm grateful.
You Need to 
To seeing your  life purposeful 
and Live blissful

Bring Back in Hope
We Need You  
A meeting with John
We've Tried an example Visible

I am having a little trouble hearing You. I know you are right here with me.

Live for Today with purpose
Be Thankful and hope 
Love will Come through

What can I do right now to change things in Diane's eyes, in our relationship to be a better husband. 

We're Leaving with Pete 

We'll Help  Him see Better Pass Light 
(Passed Life)

I Love You and I am Grateful

It's Important 

Tell me what I need to know that is Important. I'd be truly grateful for your wisdom.
We're Learning About You
Jacob, this is Love

I have a strong Ego, how do I get rid of it?
Be Respectful and Love
Be Grateful
You Choose It
Go Back to where the Brain is and figure out what is truth

I didn't understand, but you are speaking good.
I'm Hoping
(I'm Open)

It's Open
we're talking about peace
how to release fear

Fear? Is it my Fear Causing this?
Keep Talking 
Go ahead
For People.  they Need incredible worth , for the answer  to come first

I will have to listen to this, it sounds like you said a lot.

Start thinking Love

Fall in Love

Love is Here

Where is my biggest problem?
Learn to Love
Be Careful
Incredible  Low Love of  Thy Self

Love is Fun

When is it going to happen soon?
Its Deeper
Start looking 
It's a Great Loss, Think about it, complaining everywhere

You Guys are good, this ones good.
It's working
He Said, start  working

I am grateful to you Big problem, as of yet,  we're invisible, to humans.

Did you say I did not have long to live? How can I change that?
Most people, what happens,  their thinking
start thinking about the (?)  and their heart stops.

Is Diane my soul mate?
why'd  you say
It's all Your Purpose
Your pleasure, Your having uncomfortable about forever
then Yeah

Love is Cool

Tell Him, his  purpose

Keep the Advice Coming. I will listen to you. It sounds good.

To Give Back Love
For  Enough Truth

Are my spirit guides there?
Just a second
I'm Up

I'm Looking forward to over  our visiting

In response

Tell Him
We're with him

What Can I do different,  to make a difference in our marriage?
We're speaking

Got to Learn 
Love who you are

I am talking about a good difference.
Alright I'm going to get off here, and listen to what you have to say.

Look Up  Here

Thank you , I am Grateful.

Learn to Love


Be Peaceful
and Grateful
Or Your problems will never stop

Thank you , I am Grateful.
End of Session

Marriage Counselling Hubby's Session August 9, 2013 Seeking Guidance

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