Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spirits have a sense of humor ;)

Spirits have a sense of humor ;)

On Friday the 6th. I had hidden a few items of hubby's to see if he could find them and how long it would take. (Trying to prove a point to him, that it really is not fun when someone moves things that another person knew where they were.) He started looking for one of the items  and couldn't find it. So, I said, "Be at the Present",  Take a deep breath and ask your spirit guide or Guardian Angel to help you find them. So he did. Well much to my amazement he found 3 of the items I had hidden in 10 minutes time! One was a hair brush that he keeps on the bathroom vanity, I hid it on top of the refrigerator way in the back behind a bunch of things with stuff on top of it. He found it right away. Next was his keys which he had passed by them countless times during the day, and never saw them. I hid them inside a candle on top of a shelf in the kitchen. He found this right away. Next his wallet. Now I took a lot of care in hiding this one! :) :) .. I hid it in a cabinet in the office on the bottom shelf under some papers. Now, why would he Ever look there for his wallet is beyond me.. but he did. Found it right way also.
So, the little experiment taught him a lesson in keeping things where they can be found by others, and also to listen to the messages that are sent our way to help us. Which he did a Really Good Job of doing ;). The ego in me was actually hoping it would take him atleast an hour but ;) :) my soul was very happy he was "at the present" and found them. (Note Full Moon was on this day also).

Then On Monday the 9th of April,  Hubby was getting ready to leave to  go to town. After giving him a kiss at the door, I locked the door and he went out to the garage and started the car. He then thought about the garage door roller that he had to bring with him to town, which he had sitting by his computer in the office. He came back to the house to get the part, but found the door locked, and since the car was running with the key to the door attached, he thought, he would just bring the part with him to town next time. When he got back in the car and had reached down to put the car in reverse. Guess what He saw laying there on the console? The Roller he wanted. Strange and Wonderful things come our way, when we least expect them! 

When he was gone to town,  I was listening to videos on Youtube and had planned to take a shower, (that is why I had locked the door when hubby left). I thought, I really should go take my shower, but saw one more video, I wanted to watch, (you know how that is LOL ) and was moving my mouse over to click the play button and Poof All the lights went out in the house and of course my computer. So, I turned and Said, Okay I get the message, I will go take my shower now and all of a sudden the electricity came back on. LOL.. That just might have been a coincidence but it did get my body moving to the shower very quickly. LOL. Then when I was in the shower, I kept hearing in my mind "Shaving Cream",(as this is also one of the items I had hidden on him), I would smile and think, nope, he can look for that one also.. again and again, "Shaving Cream".
Finally I decided, I would be a good wife and put it back where it belonged. Needless to say, by the time, I got dressed, I had forgotten all about it. Came back to the computer and Again, "Shaving Cream". So, I ran and got it and put it back in the bathroom. When hubby came home, he told me that he was thinking about, Taking a shower and shaving. We were trying to determine if it was around the same time, I would have been in the shower when the messages start coming to me. LOL.. ;) We will never know that answer.

On Tuesday, April 10th,  my husband tried to turn on the lights in the kitchen. He flipped the switch and no light came on.
He tried to flip it on and off again.. Nothing. We thought the light bulb had burned out. Something  told him to pull the cord first and There was light! ;) We never shut the Light off by the cord ( It is a light with a built in fan, so there are two cords hanging down.).  We figure it must have been a spirit getting our attention ;)

I am sure we all have these things that happen to us.
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Have a Blessed weekend ;)