Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Question about Children Living in Poverty who are Hungry

One of our members of our fan page had posted a question for us to ask the Spirits/Angels.  Would love to know if all they children living in countries with no water or food will ever get out of poverty

July 22nd, 2013 we did a session asking this question. Below you will find the video with the recorded session and the answer to the question.

I  have been noticing that as soon as I  start the spirit box up, they know it i son and state : It's Open.  Like they are saying, the communications is open that I can start to hear them. Pretty Amazing!

They seem to be appreciating that I am connecting with them with Questions that a lot of people on earth would like to ask them. As when I asked for my spirit guides and Guardian Angels to communicate with me, they stated: You Got Them. Respectful and Done with Purpose.  This made me feel really good to hear.
So I  think I will be doing a lot more of these sessions.

I then Asked the Question: Would love to know if all they children living in countries with no water or food will ever get out of poverty. They said: Good Question. Probably Not.  we're certain of that with certain children.

I repeated the question:  Answer: 
On the Planet,  No, Probably Not,  It happens in the Physical
it hurts Us

I asked for them to Repeat the Answer, so I know that I am clear of what they said.
Hunger Still Some babies will get some food not enough.

I asked the question one more time before I close down. Thanked them for their help.  They said:
We're Grateful 
If human look over and think it's  sad

Asked One last time to please repeat and thanked them again.
Reply:  Be Peaceful.  Freedom could have if humans would wake, 
wake up to Love

I coughed and edited me coughing and saying excuse me from the video.
Angels spoke:
Be Grateful Take Care of Your Vehicle Love it and Help Yourself
(Again when they speak of a Vehicle, they are speaking about our Body)

Please listen to the Video Below  of the Session:

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Trying to Connect with Fred

We were asked by Craig  to try to connect with Fred.
This is the session we did on July 22, 2013 on our spirit box
You can listen to the session in the video below.
In the video, You will hear 'his vehicle" , this is pertaining to His physical body on earth. A vehicle is to have a physical experience. 
It is always great connecting with the spirits.
You will notice the name "Diane" is mentioned in the video. That is my name. Just so you know. 
We forgot to ask about the safe, so we have made a short session asking about the safe. We have not listened to this yet, but hope to post the follow up soon.

We hope this helped.
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Love and Light.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Session Regarding Alexis and Her Grand Mother Are They Together?

I was asked to do a session regarding Alexis by a member of our fan page on Facebook.  Session was done on July 22, 2013.

You can listen to the session in the video below.
The Question asked was if Alexis was with her Grandmother, if they are with me,  and to give the message, she is loved and missed. 
They are together and with you always. Love lasts forever. 
I was surprised to hear they were here as said, "Look over here now. "
What a wonderful Session. They were thankful for the communication.
We hope this helps you.
We would appreciate any comments.

Have a Blessed Week

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What we Need to Know About the Future?

We posted a question on our Fan Page on Facebook:
If You Could Ask Your spirit Guide a Question, What would it be?
Please make the questions so that all people can relate to the answer. Not just a personal question.

Someone posted a question: What do we need to know about the future

So we asked the spirit box the question. This Blog Post is the answer we received. 

I was surprised that they stated they could read the question on facebook.

They said they were getting privileges to share what they know.

What we know. It is open to the physical, (then I did not get the whole things, but it sounded like there is no end.)
It is wide open for the physcial to Love Your Brother
Keep helping
We restore hope and love, for without hope, the People, (At this point, I could not make all the words out, I am sorry, if you can make it out that would be great to hear what your thoughts are the words that were said.)
We're helping, we're helping (might have been hoping the 2nd one) 
we whisper, for those who love will win.

Good Question
Start Over. Remember your mission to love and Helping.
Remember, think positive and it will be what happens.
You'll make it.
Be Grateful, Something Good will Come.
It Will Work.
Very Powerful
Be Grateful, Support those who do not get it.
With Respect.
Be Grateful
Be Grateful. Tell them Most Critical.
What's Happened, It's Important.
Be Careful, what you do with your life.
Remember: Be Grateful. it's Open for all accord.
(now there is a section I was not able to make the words out)
Start Over. Be Open.
Start Over, new Script, Every Morning.

Here is the Video of the Session:

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