Saturday, May 18, 2013

Angel Communications ~What New Message they have for us~

We Truly Enjoy the Message from the Angels. We are honored that they take the time to give important messages to us. I am going to post  the messages on our blog along with the video that corresponds with the message.
We wanted to do a Daily Message, but we have not been able to keep up on them so we are going to try to do at least 2 or 3 per week in video format and blog post.

This blog Post will be in regards to May 7th Session. 

I will write the messages and then include any comments I have regarding them afterwards.
May 7th:

Message to ALL:
Live, Love, and Be Thankful
Be Open to all things
Be Thankful
Be Open to Love and Be Love
To All: Be Grateful
To All: Be Thankful
What's happening - All is Good. Remain Neutral. Be Love
We Are All Near

We Whisper: Life is Good -this way for You.

Advice for Me:
Be One with Byron
Respect Him. You'll See he will be whole
Call , We are With You

Advice to Byron:
Byron be Grateful
We Need You Helping Diane Have This
Please Help Us Brother Byron to Learn Respect and to Be Love

Below you will find the EVP Communication with the Angels on May 7th.
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Sending Love and Light
Byron and Dee
Our Spirits Talk