Sunday, September 16, 2012

Personal Reflection about grieving

This blog post is a personal reflection.  I was listening to a video on youtube where a gal was talking and saying that  soon it would be a year anniversary of her best friend's passing.
She was reflecting as to why she would still cry  and have grief for her best friend as she said, she knew she was around her daily. She said she could feel her friends presence and would talk to her.
She felt that her friend was now her spirit guide. But still she felt grief when she thought of her death.  I will post the link to the video below.
 The video made me reflect on my own life. As you know, if you have followed our blog and/ or our videos that we have posted. My Mother passed away June 2nd, 2011. We purchased our spirit box with recorder and EMF meter in August of 2011.  My Father (who has also passed away 9 years ago in December) and Mother, both come and visit periodically throughout the year and turn on our touch tone lamps to let us know they are here visiting, and then we turn on our spirit box and now Ovilus X to try and communicate with them. I can hear their voices in the recordings. I know that they are coming to say hello and say I love you. which I am eternally grateful for.
I am truly blessed. I know that what I have in my life is special and very unique and that a lot of people would love to be able to hear their loved ones voice again. They would give anything to be able to ask them questions  and hear a communication. I  am very blessed.  This is one of the reasons why I want to spread the love and let others communicate with their loved ones with our devices.
As I stated above, I heard that gals video and could relate with some of what she said. There is the missing of the physical presence, the being able to hold them and do things with them, that we miss.  I  still cry and  grief for my parents, even though I know they are fine. They have stated on the recordings, they are good.  They are fine. They are happy. So, I know that they are not suffering any more pain, as they were on earth. They are still with me in spirit. They still come and visit.  
I have learned so much since my Mother's passing about the spirit world, and what is reality on earth.  My beleifs have changed a lot. I also know that there are people out there, who do not believe that we as humans can communicate to the spirit world. They also find it hard to comprehend that they could communicate to their loved ones.  I think this is due to Television shows and movies and most likely up bringing. Most people were not raised talking about spirits, angels,spirit guides etc.  It took awhile for us to beleive it ourselves. It took several communications with my parents before my husband truly belived this himself. After the one time when he held pictures up and asked Mother who was in the pictures and she responded with answers is when he finally beleived. 
My husband and I are truly blessed. I  love our life and love learning as much as I can about the spirit world and what happens once we have passed away. 
We have some very interesting videos that we will be uploading soon and I will be writing more blog posts also. I apologize for not writing more and posting more videos. Now that summer is coming to a close we will be posting a lot more.
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