Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My way of handling grief with loss of Parents

I have been told by a family member that us "thinking" we hear my Mother's Voice or Father's Voice on the  Spirit box is "Just my way of dealing with grief". To this I say: What an Awesome Reality it is for us then. We have experienced so much Love and Joy from our New Life, and Our Communications to All of the Spirits, that I am so Grateful for the Experiences. I have learned so much in the last year and half, that it has been priceless.

I admit that when we did purchase the spirit box in August 2011, I was hoping to be able to hear my Mother, Father and Spirit Guides in the Spirit Box. To my Surprise, "We Did".  We have had so many Beautiful, Treasured Moments with my parents communicating with us on the spirit box that I would not trade them for anything! Talking to All of the Spirits that come through has been an Awakening Experience! It has brought my husband and I to the Realization of what Life is NOT and what is available to us and others. It has brought us to our own Spiritual Awakening.  Without these experiences, we would not have learned about the "New Age Spirituality" or who knows how long it would have taken us to Awaken within.

People have a "Fear of the unknown" and in turn cannot comprehend that it is "REAL". There is more to life than what You can See, Feel or touch.  I used to FEAR DEATH  and worry about what happened to a human when they have left their body form. Nothing can be proven. I had a Deep Fear of the unknown. But now that I am becoming more aware of New things and that what I was taught throughout my life has not been true, my life has changed immensely and to the better! I am letting go of all that fear!

I called a friend one day and we talked about what was said to me. I asked her if that is what she thought, as It had bothered me that anyone would think such a thing. She was such an awesome friend and very understanding. 
Why did I let what others think of me, bother me so much? EGO maybe? 

But today, I write this with the realization that It does not matter what anyone thinks. I live my life to the fullest in the way that I see fit and "everyone" lives their lives their own way. It is not for me to judge nor to be judged. If someone wants to judge me for something that I am doing or for a different belief system, so be it.. it is their mirror, their Fear, their karma, not mine.

To My wonderful  friend who listened to me and encouraged me, I love you and I thank you with my whole being. For those who judge me or talk behind my back about my beliefs, I love you too, and my heart goes out to you.  I send Love and Light to everyone. I am not saying "I am right" nor that others are wrong, I am saying that I absolutely LOVE my new reality and look forward to Awakening to All Possibilities and My Mind and Heart are wide open. I look forward to exploring and Learning, I look forward to Communicating more. I do not have a fear now of Dying. I Look forward to living a long, happy, healthy life with my beautiful husband. I am so grateful to him for the Beautiful Birthday present and the Gifts that his gift has allowed us to experience. I do not feel that it was an accident, that he thought of  "this Gift". I believe their is a Reason that Everything happens in our lives. We may not see it at the time but eventually it unfolds. 

Helping Others have communications from their loved ones, and spirit guides has brought so much joy to my husband and I. To see their faces and to get a hug with a Than k you with Tears of Joy is such a pleasure. It is a blessing to us as much as it is to them. I love our reality!  That is why we are finally going to open our new site, http://ourspiritstalk.com for anyone who is grieving, missing a loved one or want to experience this same joy of just communicating with Spirits.

We have so many recordings of communications that we have not yet posted on Youtube. We are hoping to post one or two a week. 
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To all Non Believers I send Love and Light 
Love and Light to Everyone ;) :) :) :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can You Celebrate a Birthday with a passed away loved one?

Our Birthday Party for Byron's Mother who passed away 20 years ago.
She would have been 94 Years old. 
This was a Really Nice Communication with Byron's Mother and Other Spirits that joined in.

Byron had written down several questions that he wanted to ask his Mother.
Do you still celebrate your Birthday? Never did get an answer.
Is Dad with you?  Could not make out the answer. But later on in the video, there was a response that he was there.

Do you know Carl and Betty, Diane's Parents? They do seem to know each other.  He asked this question a couple times during the session.  See notes below. 

Do you come and visit us and the rest of the kids? Yes, during Birthdays. Spirit Responded April which is Byron's Birthday Month  ;)

Do you know about the changes on the Earth next Month? The answer was: It's open.  Did this mean that the veil between us as humans and the spirit world has been lifted already? It sounds like this might be the case? What else would "It is open" Mean? 
Another Spirit says:(at 3 minutes and 37 seconds)  Wonderful Important It is Open. 
Is the spirit world happy now that it is easier for them to communicate with us? 

Are you one of our spirit guides? There was a lot of talking after this question, but still not sure on the answer to this one. 

Mom, do you know Evelyn? (Evelyn is Byron's Spirit Guide)  
At 4 minutes and 44 seconds in the video: Evelyn Thanks Byron for the compliment of her Being really nice. ;)  

Mom, do you know that we have your rocking chair? Answer: No . Then other spirits also are talking which made it an interesting answer. 5 minutes and 6 seconds into the video.

5 minutes and 48 seconds: Again Byron repeats the question about if his Mother knew who my parents were. Answer: I helped them in April. We will need to listen to our recordings in April and figure out what she could have been referring to. Interesting to find out.

Where did all of our family pictures go? Who has all the family pictures?  
 Answer: 6 minutes and 9 seconds into video. Answer: 
"I don't know, in the album. Like to keep them Important together. "
We will need to ask her again as we were hoping to get a name of who of the family members may have the albums. 

Great Response to celebrating her birthday next year . 7 minutes and 4 seconds.  

Do you come and visit very often? Answer: On Birthdays

6 minutes and 50 seconds. I asked Byron if he was done with all the questions for his Mother. I got a kick out of the response on the spirit box:  "You can do more" Think so, together. " In other words they figured between the two of us, we should have had a lot more questions to ask and they were happy to answer more. ;) How cool.

9 minutes and 5 seconds in the video, I was so surprised to hear the response to what I was saying.
I had not met Byron's Mother, she had passed away before Byron and I met. So I was telling her I am sorry we had not met before she passed away. Response: I did. (?) we're hoping again.
I had to listen to this many many times. Did this mean that Byron and I had been together in a previous life and she knows we had met before? Did this mean that since she had passed away that she knew we were together so she has known who I am?  I can't wait to do another session with his Mother to ask again and maybe get this clarified a bit more. I found it a very interesting answer.

10 minutes in the video: I had said, you can show yourself Response:  "Look up  here. that was good. It was"
  ;)  It sounds like a spirit was showing themselves to us and the other spirits saw this and was impressed by it, but we did not see it. Wish we did! Guess we need to be More aware of our surroundings. (10 minutes and 16 seconds)

10 minutes and 44 seconds. Byron was wondering when she had passed away and trying to figure out how many years she had been gone. Spirit said: November , which she had passed away November 1st. So that was a good response to verify. (note: She passed away November 1, 1992, so 20 years ago.)

At 11 minutes and 14 seconds, we asked if Byron's Dad was also there. Answer: Speaking. I'm right here..  Pretty Cool to here this!

11 minutes and 36 seconds. It appears that other spirits are wondering what is going on. LOL I love listening to them talking to each other. ;)

12 minutes and 14 seconds. Byron told his mother (or the spirits) that we started a website for helping others to communicate with their loved ones.  Again like all the other recordings, they are encouraging us to get things going. Answer: Yep,  Get Working. ............ Keep Helping ........... 12 minutes and 43 seconds: Well Get Working. 
 I am so glad to hear there encouragement ;) 

14 minutes and 49 seconds: I said come smell our flowers. A  spirit responded not quite sure what was said. Byron said: Did You?  Reply:  Yeah, no problem. 
Pretty cool. So, once you pass away or if you are a spirit guide etc.. you can still Smell?  Interesting to know wouldn't it be? By the sounds of this response they can. ;)

15 minutes into the video we are talking about the new energy that is coming to the earth. and that we should be able to connect with them easier. Again, the spirits were testing us and we did NOT see them again. Spirit says: "Look Up" 

We asked Byron's Mother if she could show herself: Answer: Yes, I can.

Byron was trying to find out if what we have heard was true about after you pass away that most spirits show themselves like the age of 30 years old.  One spirit said: Yeah, I reckon. 

16 minutes and 21 seconds Byron was thinking about shutting down. Spirit says: One moment. Very Clear EVP.

17 minutes and 6 seconds. Byron says Watch over us and protect us. Reply: Ditto, my pleasure.
It's worth it. 

 What an Awesome response! ;)

18 minutes and 31 seconds: I asked: Are you one of our spirit guides?  There was an interesting response that I still have not quite figured out the whole response but 2 of the words were: Earth , Planet.  My mind could really go wild on that one. Was that someone from a different planet talking ? Or was a spirit just saying something about Earth? Not sure but I am wanting to find that one out. ;) :)

As always this was a wonderful communication with the spirits. I feel like I know Byron's Mother just a little better now. 

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Unbelievable EVP Communication - Full of Surprises

About the EVP Communications from November 11th, 2012
As you will hear, we went over to Dad and Mom's house, to get a CD from one of our Computers that was being stored over at their home. Since no one lives there,  we didn't think anything about going over there at 5 AM to get the CD. 
I was  pleasantly surprised to find them at the house and I was able to have communication with them that morning. Or was it them? No one will ever know the complete truth. All I know is that the EVP that came through the spirit box, sounded like my Mother's voice and is the same voice that you will hear many times throughout our recordings. So, for this blog post, I will assume that the voice that came through the recordings/ spirit box was my Mother and write this blog post in that regard. 
Since we were going over there, I decided to bring my spirit box, recorder EMF meter and batteries just in case I was able to communicate with them.  I am glad I brought batteries, as the recorder I brought just so happened to be the one that needed them. After changing the batteries, I turned on the Spirit Box and recorder and went into my Mother's bedroom to see if I could get a reading. To My surprise,  4 lights were on as I Moved the meter over the top of her bed. I am not sure what to make of this, but I know not to assume anything and that I have to be open to all types of possibilities. Were Mom and Dad sleeping in the bed? Did they know we were going over there and just waiting for me to turn the Spirit Box on?  Was it really Mom and  Dad or was it other spirits there?  Did it just appear  like someone was lying on the bed when the lights came on? It is not my job in life to judge and I might never find out that answer. All I know is when I moved the EMF meter where my Mother used to sleep it lit up as if she was laying there and about the height to what she was when she was alive. The other side of the bed, the lights were strong all the way down the bed  on the opposite side of the bed. My Father was 6 ft tall when he was alive and that would be all the way down the bed. Was really cool. This is not the first time this has happened, in fact we have video showing the lights on the EMF Meter, turning on in this way. pretty cool. (on video  I  typed 5, which appeared later in the video when I asked the question if I could do something for them).  Later on during this visit, I went back into the bedroom and NO reading appeared.  At that time, the EMF lit up in the kitchen over the 2 chairs and NO reading in the bedroom. Which I found really interesting. 
26 seconds into the video, you will hear a spirit say something which is straight from the recorder, not through the spirit box. Not sure what they said but was interesting that this happened several times during this session. I only marked the one time in the video, but if you listen carefully to the video, you should be able to spot a few times where it sounds like the voice came through the recorder itself and not the spirit box. See if you can find them. This has been happening quite often now the last month or so. 

During this recording all the way through, the spirits were communicating  directly with the conversations that my husband and I were having. I was very happy to listen to this recording.

Around 2 minutes in the video, there are other spirits talking, which gave me a wake up call.
I was talking about listening to our recordings and the spirits said: That's Good. Perfect..
Then a different spirit voice said: They won't do it. Then another spirit said: Big problem.
I was glad that we actually did bring this recording home and listen right away. This awakened me of letting go of my fear and just start doing them. No matter what any one thinks of me! So hear I am, posting video again and starting to write in our blog.
At 3 minutes and 20 seconds, it said: "The bedroom". After asking what we could do for them. This happens in several recordings which I still have no idea what it is that "they" want me/ us to do in the bedroom. 
I got the biggest kick out of , at 4 minutes and 46 seconds into the video, I saw that they had gone into the kitchen. I had the EMF meter and had waved it over the 2 chairs in the kitchen and the lights on the EMF meter went up to 3 lights over both chairs. It sounds like they say: We're Equal. I take it as meaning the same amount of lights on the EMF meter ;) pretty cute ;)
At 6 minutes and 1 seconds into the video, I was very surprised when listening to this. I still do not know what to make of it. You will hear: Mom (which sounds like a young spirits voice) Then another voice says: ? "In the Kitchen." Acknowledging they were in the kitchen where I was standing with the EMF meter showing they were there. But who's the young spirit talking? Who was answering the young spirit?  I could let my mind go wild on this one, but will wait til future recordings and will ask about this. 
LOL at 8 minutes and 26 seconds, I was talking about finally clearing off all the canning jars that we had on the kitchen counters that Hubby finally moved them and put them in a box. She answered: yes, Except for the dishes. LOL which we had clean dishes sitting on the counter that we had not put away in the cupboards. 
9 minutes and 38 seconds, I was leaving the big kitchen light on,  It appears that the spirits do not want me to leave that one on as I hear: Not that one.  
At 9 Minutes and 43 seconds, we were ready to leave and I noticed the light on the pole lamp, next to where my Dad used to sit in the living room had came on! What a pleasant surprise! You will then hear spirit voices stating one of them had turned it on. The spirit kept repeating  "I did" .
At 10 minutes and 54 seconds, Another surprise LOL.. It sounds like a spirit told me that I should vacuum.  
At 16 minutes and 46 seconds, you can hear another Young spirit voice when we are outside, say: Papa.  Wow, I wonder who that was? 
At 16 minutes and 55 seconds, you will hear us walking on SNOW, it was chilly out and I noticed that the flowers in front of the house are still green and have flowers. Our flowers have been brown and died off quite a long time ago. I was totally surprised by this. You will see the pictures below what we saw, as my husband went back and took pictures of the flowers a few days after this recording and took pictures of ours to show the difference!
At 17 minutes and 24 seconds when I ask the question, how can these flowers still be green and have flowers and ours all brown, you will hear a spirit say: It's a blessing.  So awesome!

Here is the Flowers at Mom and Dad's House:

Now see Our flowers at Our Home

Yes it is amazing and a Blessing ;) 
Big Difference between the two houses and in November mind you in Northern MN. :) 

I hope you enjoyed the recording. Please leave any comments below and feel free to share this blog post. Also don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and our blog, for a whole lot more sharing to come.

Have a blessed week
Our Spirits Talk

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Personal Reflection about grieving

This blog post is a personal reflection.  I was listening to a video on youtube where a gal was talking and saying that  soon it would be a year anniversary of her best friend's passing.
She was reflecting as to why she would still cry  and have grief for her best friend as she said, she knew she was around her daily. She said she could feel her friends presence and would talk to her.
She felt that her friend was now her spirit guide. But still she felt grief when she thought of her death.  I will post the link to the video below.
 The video made me reflect on my own life. As you know, if you have followed our blog and/ or our videos that we have posted. My Mother passed away June 2nd, 2011. We purchased our spirit box with recorder and EMF meter in August of 2011.  My Father (who has also passed away 9 years ago in December) and Mother, both come and visit periodically throughout the year and turn on our touch tone lamps to let us know they are here visiting, and then we turn on our spirit box and now Ovilus X to try and communicate with them. I can hear their voices in the recordings. I know that they are coming to say hello and say I love you. which I am eternally grateful for.
I am truly blessed. I know that what I have in my life is special and very unique and that a lot of people would love to be able to hear their loved ones voice again. They would give anything to be able to ask them questions  and hear a communication. I  am very blessed.  This is one of the reasons why I want to spread the love and let others communicate with their loved ones with our devices.
As I stated above, I heard that gals video and could relate with some of what she said. There is the missing of the physical presence, the being able to hold them and do things with them, that we miss.  I  still cry and  grief for my parents, even though I know they are fine. They have stated on the recordings, they are good.  They are fine. They are happy. So, I know that they are not suffering any more pain, as they were on earth. They are still with me in spirit. They still come and visit.  
I have learned so much since my Mother's passing about the spirit world, and what is reality on earth.  My beleifs have changed a lot. I also know that there are people out there, who do not believe that we as humans can communicate to the spirit world. They also find it hard to comprehend that they could communicate to their loved ones.  I think this is due to Television shows and movies and most likely up bringing. Most people were not raised talking about spirits, angels,spirit guides etc.  It took awhile for us to beleive it ourselves. It took several communications with my parents before my husband truly belived this himself. After the one time when he held pictures up and asked Mother who was in the pictures and she responded with answers is when he finally beleived. 
My husband and I are truly blessed. I  love our life and love learning as much as I can about the spirit world and what happens once we have passed away. 
We have some very interesting videos that we will be uploading soon and I will be writing more blog posts also. I apologize for not writing more and posting more videos. Now that summer is coming to a close we will be posting a lot more.
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Best Wishes to you all.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Is this a spirit? Light Orb? Not quite sure but it is AWESOME

June 24,2012, we were in our office, when Our Dog Looked up at the ceiling and was just staring at something. We looked up to see what had caught his attention and saw this light moving around on the ceiling. He ran to get his toy and came back and just stared. We moved all kinds of things that we thought might have been making that light on the ceiling, but could not find anything. After about 20 minutes, hubby went and got the video camera and started filming. 

What it is? We are not sure. But we thought we would share.
Leave your comments and let us know what you think it is.

Our Dog has done this several times before when we lived in a different house. We noticed it just after one of our other dog's had passed away. We always figured that it was our dog's spirit coming to visit that he had seen, since he always went and got his toy and held it in his mouth and watched. But this time, we saw this light.

With all the things that has happened the last few days here, which I will write about in a different post. We figured it must be something really awesome going on. 

what do you think it is?

Our video camera is a low quality camera, we really have to invest in a better one! But until then, this is the only one we have.

As you can tell, when we sang to it or said special words, it got brighter and bigger. Pretty amazing!

Have a blessed week

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Had a Visit Today ;) I am so excited ;)

What a Beautiful Day Today! Had a Message from Above

When we awoke this morning, we had a wonderful surprise!
This may sound very strange to most people who read this, but .....
Here I go.
The surprise was my Mother's Touch Tone Lamp Came on Today. Why would I be so excited over this?
Let me explain.
My Mother was diagnosed with a type of cancer in the blood, January 2010. So, in June of 2010 we moved into one of our  rental houses that was only 15 blocks from my Mother's, so we could be close to her and help her. I was so glad that we had moved close to her as we had a beautiful year that I will treasure always.
My Mother passed away June 2nd, 2011, her funeral was June 6th. Prior to her passing, We had gone to town and purchased a touch tone lamp. I had placed her hands on the lamp for about 10 minutes or so. For several days, I would tell Mother, once she passed, to turn the touch tone lamp on to let us know she is okay and to visit once and awhile, and when she did, to turn her touch tone lamp on to let me know she was there.
Within a few  hours of her passing, the touch tone lamp came on! An hour later, My Brother's touch tone lamp that he brought over to Mother's house, that was in the living room, also came on. We All saw both lights come on which helped us with our grief.
I had written a blog post regarding the significance of this and how we (our family) started using the touch tone lamp and viewing it as a message from  our family members who have passed away. As this is not the first time that this has happened! The touch tone lamp turned on for my birthday last year and on December 25th. I was hoping that it would come on for Mother's Day but it didn't .. so  again , since it was a year of her passing away on June 2nd, I have been hoping the light would come on for her to show me she was watching us and knew we were missing her.

So, when we woke up, and went into the living room where I keep her touch tone lamp and other personal items of hers, the light was on. It sure made me feel good and full of love.

We Also have a device where we can speak (hear) spirits. So, My husband ran and got the spirit box and turned it on.
We had a nice visit. We will be listening to this recording tonight and posting the video of the conversation soon ;)
So stay tuned ;)

To Read More about the significance of the touch tone lamp
and how it all began in our family Click Here

Have you had a family member pass away that leaves signs for you, to let you know they are around?
Please comment, I would love to hear from you!

Hope you are all having a beautiful day.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spirits have a sense of humor ;)

Spirits have a sense of humor ;)

On Friday the 6th. I had hidden a few items of hubby's to see if he could find them and how long it would take. (Trying to prove a point to him, that it really is not fun when someone moves things that another person knew where they were.) He started looking for one of the items  and couldn't find it. So, I said, "Be at the Present",  Take a deep breath and ask your spirit guide or Guardian Angel to help you find them. So he did. Well much to my amazement he found 3 of the items I had hidden in 10 minutes time! One was a hair brush that he keeps on the bathroom vanity, I hid it on top of the refrigerator way in the back behind a bunch of things with stuff on top of it. He found it right away. Next was his keys which he had passed by them countless times during the day, and never saw them. I hid them inside a candle on top of a shelf in the kitchen. He found this right away. Next his wallet. Now I took a lot of care in hiding this one! :) :) .. I hid it in a cabinet in the office on the bottom shelf under some papers. Now, why would he Ever look there for his wallet is beyond me.. but he did. Found it right way also.
So, the little experiment taught him a lesson in keeping things where they can be found by others, and also to listen to the messages that are sent our way to help us. Which he did a Really Good Job of doing ;). The ego in me was actually hoping it would take him atleast an hour but ;) :) my soul was very happy he was "at the present" and found them. (Note Full Moon was on this day also).

Then On Monday the 9th of April,  Hubby was getting ready to leave to  go to town. After giving him a kiss at the door, I locked the door and he went out to the garage and started the car. He then thought about the garage door roller that he had to bring with him to town, which he had sitting by his computer in the office. He came back to the house to get the part, but found the door locked, and since the car was running with the key to the door attached, he thought, he would just bring the part with him to town next time. When he got back in the car and had reached down to put the car in reverse. Guess what He saw laying there on the console? The Roller he wanted. Strange and Wonderful things come our way, when we least expect them! 

When he was gone to town,  I was listening to videos on Youtube and had planned to take a shower, (that is why I had locked the door when hubby left). I thought, I really should go take my shower, but saw one more video, I wanted to watch, (you know how that is LOL ) and was moving my mouse over to click the play button and Poof All the lights went out in the house and of course my computer. So, I turned and Said, Okay I get the message, I will go take my shower now and all of a sudden the electricity came back on. LOL.. That just might have been a coincidence but it did get my body moving to the shower very quickly. LOL. Then when I was in the shower, I kept hearing in my mind "Shaving Cream",(as this is also one of the items I had hidden on him), I would smile and think, nope, he can look for that one also.. again and again, "Shaving Cream".
Finally I decided, I would be a good wife and put it back where it belonged. Needless to say, by the time, I got dressed, I had forgotten all about it. Came back to the computer and Again, "Shaving Cream". So, I ran and got it and put it back in the bathroom. When hubby came home, he told me that he was thinking about, Taking a shower and shaving. We were trying to determine if it was around the same time, I would have been in the shower when the messages start coming to me. LOL.. ;) We will never know that answer.

On Tuesday, April 10th,  my husband tried to turn on the lights in the kitchen. He flipped the switch and no light came on.
He tried to flip it on and off again.. Nothing. We thought the light bulb had burned out. Something  told him to pull the cord first and There was light! ;) We never shut the Light off by the cord ( It is a light with a built in fan, so there are two cords hanging down.).  We figure it must have been a spirit getting our attention ;)

I am sure we all have these things that happen to us.
Leave a comment and share with us, we would love to hear from you. 
Have a Blessed weekend ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Awesome Message from the Spirits/ Angels on Valentine's Day

After hearing the communications with the spirits from Valentine's Day
It has really made me start thinking of  what is truly going on.
We have had several communications in the last month that has been more from Our Spirit Guides, Angels, and Arch Angels than our loved ones that we have previously been communicating with.

For me, to really explain, what has been going on, it will involve telling about our personal lives and what has been going on, which I am not too comfortable about sharing this. But It appears that the Spirits are asking us to share with others. Maybe in hopes that others who are going through the same situations can be helped. So, I will share a little at a time as I feel more  comfortable , so please bare with me. 

As I stated in my post, (Our New Journey) we began this journey, doing an experiment to see if I can communicate with my Mother and Father. Now the last month, it has begun a whole new journey for us. My husband and I had been arguing at least 2-3 times a week. It was getting horrible for awhile. I was getting very desperate, so I had taken out the spirit box and recorder and asked for his parents to come and talk to him. (Whom are both passed away). Which we will share this conversation with you in a future post.
I would pray at night, that my spirit guide would talk to his spirit guide in hopes that they give us a message to help our situation.  It worked! The spirits came and talked to us for 5 hours one day. This is after coming and turning on our touch tone lamp 3 times in 24 hours. I will discuss this in another future post along with sharing the video's with the messages that they gave us.
They came another night, and spoke to us for about an hour and a half. Powerful messages from these communications. They helped tremendously with our marriage and controlled the fighting in our home. For this I am eternally grateful.

Going through this experience  and Really sit and think about what has happened, it has had a profound affect on both my husband and myself. 
I am going to start to share my thoughts, my emotions, and our communications with you. This is the only way, I feel that the message from the spirits will be understood by others.

For now I will share the communication that the spirits gave us on Valentine's Day

Sending our love to you
We are Grateful for this beautiful experience that we are going through

Bright blessings to you all

Our spirits Talk

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

(After I wrote this draft, February 18th., we headed for bed and our touch tone lamp was on. We were surprised to see the light on again. I am going to listen to the communications and will be posting another blog post with that video soon.).

A Visit Last Night

Our Light came on last night (February 18th, 2012),when we were heading for bed to take our evening nap, around 25 minutes to 5 and we talked to them until around 5:30 PM.

We had some problems with our batteries in our recorder at first, so we had missed some of the communication from the time they died and we noticed and changed the batteries. We then had to switch over to a different spirit box as the batteries were going low on it also. I know one thing the spirits do take a drain on batteries. The batteries seem to only last one or two communications at most.

We are going to listen to the communications now from them and will be posting a video with out thoughts as soon as we have it done.

In the meantime, here is a beautiful song, I am dedicating to our Spirit Guides and Angels

Always there by Secret Garden

Bright Blessings to You
Our Spirits Talk

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our New Journey

Our Spirits Talk

We have been communicating with Loved Ones that have past on, our spirit guides and Angels. They have important messages for us to share with the world.

We are sharing our experiences with others, in hopes that it will help them
understand more about what happens after their loved ones have passed on.
Understand that we all have spirit guides and angels that are with us, protecting us and helping us with our every day lives.

This has been a unique journey for us. We are still learning and growing.
We are sharing our personal lives with you, so that maybe we can help
others who have been going through the same things as we have.

Welcome to our world, our beautiful journey in discovering a life
that is new to us. Filled with beautiful blessings from the spirit world.

When we began this journey, it was just an experiment to see if I could
speak to and communicate with my Mother and Father whom had passed away. Now it has become more than this. It is our mission to help others
who have also lost loved ones and also who are going though tough times
and are looking for answers from their spirit guides or Angles.

We hope you will join us on our journey. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing our life with you.

Best Wishes to you
Love and Light

Monday, February 6, 2012

Guided Meditations for 7 chakras

1st Root Chakra

2nd Sacral Chakra

3th Solar plexus Chakra

4th Heart Chakra

5th Throat Chakra

6th Third Eye Chakra

7th Crown Chakra