Monday, June 25, 2012

Is this a spirit? Light Orb? Not quite sure but it is AWESOME

June 24,2012, we were in our office, when Our Dog Looked up at the ceiling and was just staring at something. We looked up to see what had caught his attention and saw this light moving around on the ceiling. He ran to get his toy and came back and just stared. We moved all kinds of things that we thought might have been making that light on the ceiling, but could not find anything. After about 20 minutes, hubby went and got the video camera and started filming. 

What it is? We are not sure. But we thought we would share.
Leave your comments and let us know what you think it is.

Our Dog has done this several times before when we lived in a different house. We noticed it just after one of our other dog's had passed away. We always figured that it was our dog's spirit coming to visit that he had seen, since he always went and got his toy and held it in his mouth and watched. But this time, we saw this light.

With all the things that has happened the last few days here, which I will write about in a different post. We figured it must be something really awesome going on. 

what do you think it is?

Our video camera is a low quality camera, we really have to invest in a better one! But until then, this is the only one we have.

As you can tell, when we sang to it or said special words, it got brighter and bigger. Pretty amazing!

Have a blessed week

Your comments are welcome.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Had a Visit Today ;) I am so excited ;)

What a Beautiful Day Today! Had a Message from Above

When we awoke this morning, we had a wonderful surprise!
This may sound very strange to most people who read this, but .....
Here I go.
The surprise was my Mother's Touch Tone Lamp Came on Today. Why would I be so excited over this?
Let me explain.
My Mother was diagnosed with a type of cancer in the blood, January 2010. So, in June of 2010 we moved into one of our  rental houses that was only 15 blocks from my Mother's, so we could be close to her and help her. I was so glad that we had moved close to her as we had a beautiful year that I will treasure always.
My Mother passed away June 2nd, 2011, her funeral was June 6th. Prior to her passing, We had gone to town and purchased a touch tone lamp. I had placed her hands on the lamp for about 10 minutes or so. For several days, I would tell Mother, once she passed, to turn the touch tone lamp on to let us know she is okay and to visit once and awhile, and when she did, to turn her touch tone lamp on to let me know she was there.
Within a few  hours of her passing, the touch tone lamp came on! An hour later, My Brother's touch tone lamp that he brought over to Mother's house, that was in the living room, also came on. We All saw both lights come on which helped us with our grief.
I had written a blog post regarding the significance of this and how we (our family) started using the touch tone lamp and viewing it as a message from  our family members who have passed away. As this is not the first time that this has happened! The touch tone lamp turned on for my birthday last year and on December 25th. I was hoping that it would come on for Mother's Day but it didn't .. so  again , since it was a year of her passing away on June 2nd, I have been hoping the light would come on for her to show me she was watching us and knew we were missing her.

So, when we woke up, and went into the living room where I keep her touch tone lamp and other personal items of hers, the light was on. It sure made me feel good and full of love.

We Also have a device where we can speak (hear) spirits. So, My husband ran and got the spirit box and turned it on.
We had a nice visit. We will be listening to this recording tonight and posting the video of the conversation soon ;)
So stay tuned ;)

To Read More about the significance of the touch tone lamp
and how it all began in our family Click Here

Have you had a family member pass away that leaves signs for you, to let you know they are around?
Please comment, I would love to hear from you!

Hope you are all having a beautiful day.
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Be Blessed