Monday, March 16, 2015

We had so much fun yesterday

On Sunday, March 15, 2015, we had so much fun, that I wanted to write about it.

We were in the office and around 3:15 the door bell rang from the side door.
I got up and went to the door, no one was there. Looked all around outside and saw no one. Went to the front door in case whoever rang the side door went to the front, and no one was there. I looked all around up and down the sidewalk and streets, and neighbors yards, no one. I went back to the side door and looked all around again, seeing if someone was outside at any of the neighbors, and no one was around. So, I smiled and said, it must be one of our loved ones who had passed away, saying hello and letting us know they were with us.
We went into the kitchen then and turned the EMF meter on and set it on the kitchen chair in between us. All of a sudden it started going off pegging to the red. It was so awesome!
We thought since we had visitors we would sit in the kitchen and use our new pendulums and ask a bunch of questions. I used my Amethyst Chakra Beaded Pendulum and Chuck used his Rose Quartz Pendulum. This was the first time either one of us had used a Pendulum. It was very fascinating and we had a lot of questions answered. We taped the questions and answers we had received on a digital recorder, so that we could refer back to the answers.
We asked our pendulum if it was a passed away loved on that had rang the door bell. The pendulum said, Yes. I asked it it was Byron (my husband who had passed away), the pendulum said Yes. Pretty exciting. 

We also wrote down questions to ask and I went into the bedroom with my pendulum and he stayed in the kitchen. We then asked the same questions to our pendulums to see if we would get the same answers. This way we were not influenced by each others answers.  Once I was done asking my questions, I went back into the kitchen and we compared answers.  We had a couple that were not the same. So, these questions will need to be addressed at a later time. As  they were questions regarding a trip to California and when we should move to a new home and when.

During Chuck's pendulum questioning, he asked if the Christmas Tree lights would come on today. The pendulum said Yes.  So we kept checking the tree to see if the lights would come on.
We then started to make supper and we noticed the EMF meter started to flash to the orange/ red light position. It made us believe they were sitting at the table in the chair in between us again.  I wish we would have had a video camera going to show how active it was.

The tree lights had not come on all night, after the pendulum said they would. We were getting tired and were getting ready for bed. Chuck went into the living room a few minutes after midnight to use his new  Himalayan Salt Inhaler , one more time before retiring. He was looking at the Christmas Tree when the lights turned on right in front of him. It is so exciting to see them turn on. We then had a 3 hour session with our spirit box. So the pendulum was right! They did turn on before we went to bed. 
During the session we asked if Byron rang the door bell. They said Yes on the spirit box. We will post that session hopefully soon. They also said: We promised to turn on the lights and so we did. How cool is that! 

We are going to listen to the session tonight and tomorrow.
The Christmas tree lights have been turning on quite frequently lately, and our soul family has been giving us a lot of guidance and advice to use in our daily lives. We are truly grateful to have guidance from them as they know us best.
I will be writing more about our beautiful experiences here soon as I feel our experiences would be very beneficial to others.

Below you will find pictures of our pendulums. We purchased them at a website called: Signs of AngelsThey have wonderful support, when we asked questions, they answered our questions within 24 hours. When we had a mix up on our order, they were very prompt in taking care of the error and shipped the products to use immediately along with a shipping label to return the merchandise that were put in our box that we did not order.  Their merchandise if good quality and we are very pleased with all that we ordered. 

The Place I am ordering from is:
Signs of Angels

We had a beautiful day with our soul family and guides.
We are truly blessed.
Sending Lots of Love and Light Your Way.