Monday, September 28, 2015

Beautiful Messages from Guides

Such Beautiful Messages from our Guides  I made a special

Video with Graphics  with the message given through the portal

and the psb7

Be Blessed

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bux 's Message for Lauren & Kyzza

One of our members asked me to see if I could find out a few answers for her about her Beautiful Dog, Bux a Staffordshire Terrier, who had passed away 2 years ago on October 8th.  So, I took out my Angel pendulum Board and thought I would see if I could connect with my guides  and Bux. Also Chuck took out his Angel pendulum Board also and his pendulum answered the questions at the same time as mine. It was totally amazing! We both received the same messages at the same time. So, we both have faith that the answers below are correct.
We are so Blessed and Grateful to our Guides and Bux for communicating with us this morning.  See Pictures and Communication Below.
I had Lauren's Message up with Bux's Picture up on my Computer before I began my session. I recorded the session with our digital recorder and have made a video with the messages we received. 

Here is Bux

Here is the Video of the Session: 

We used our Angel Pendulum Board to do this session.

Have a Blessed Week
Sending Lots of Love to Everyone 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Angel Message Board and Wolf Board with Pendulum Session

Last night  I tried to use our Angel Message Board but could not get it to work with the Planchet. So I decided to use my Pendulum with the board instead.
I wish I would have video taped the session, because it turned out very interesting. 
Questions asked and Answers:

Q: Who is on the board with me?
A: Rebecca - this is one of my spirit guides names.

Q: There is a big picture of  an Angel on both  sides of the board. (See picture above) I had asked if Angels looked like these Angels. 
A: No
Q: Do Angels have wings?
A: No.

Q: Could you please tell me something I do not know?
A: yes
Q: Please spell it out.
A: Myths are real.
Q: Did you say Myths are Real?
A: Yes

Q: So are Unicorns Real?
A: Yes
Q: Are Unicorns Black?
A: Yes
Q: Are there Brown Unicorns?
A: Yes 
Q: Are Unicorns White?
A: Yes
Q: Do Unicorns Really have a horn  sticking out of their head?
A: Yes
Q: have you ever saw a Unicorn?
A: yes
Q: Really? You have honestly seen a Unicorn?
A: Yes
Q: Can I see them?
A: Yes
Q: How can I see a Unicorn?
A: Start to Believe in Unicorns
Q: So  if I believe in Unicorns I will be able to see them?
A: Yes

Next, I asked about the night my husband passed away, March 3, 2014.  I had seen him next to the bed petting my black lab. Actually Pal, my black lab was just standing next to the bed looking up. I wondered what he was doing. So, I just laid there and kept looking over there at Pal. 
Then I saw movement above Pal's head.  Then I finally saw my husbands whole body form in front of me.  I just sat there and watched and enjoyed seeing him with Pal and also looking toward me. I told him I loved him and thanked him for coming, and that I was glad to see he was okay.
I then saw this triangle that was outlined in Orange. This triangle was by his left hip and pointing upward toward his stomach area.  This is hard to describe, but I will try to explain the best I can. The triangle moved diagonally across his stomach, chest, shoulder area and kept moving up to the corner of the room and the ceiling and disappeared. I was so busy watching the triangle moving that I did not notice  that he disappeared at the same time.  So, this has always intrigued me as to what that orange outlined triangle was. So, I asked Rebecca on the board. 

Q: Do you remember that night  Byron left his body form?
A: yes
Q: I saw an orange outlined triangle that night with Byron, do you know what I am talking about?
A: Yes
Q: What was the Orange outlined triangle?
A: Pocket of Energy
Q: Did you say Pocket of Energy?
A: Yes

By that time, I was getting  sore and thanked Rebecca for the beautiful messages, that I was very grateful and if she would close the board.
She did. 
Next time I will ask more about this Pocket of Energy. 

Next Chuck decided he would use his pendulum with his Wolf  Message board:

Q: who do we have on the board.
A. Nokeop

Q: Are you native American
A. yes

Q. What tribe are you from?
A. Mohawk
Q. Where  did you live?

Q. Do you know who we are?
A. Yes
Q. How do you know us?
A. Good Friends

Q. What year did we know you?
A. 1459

Q.  How old was  Chuck when you knew him?
A. 25 years old
Q. how old was Diane (Dee) ?
A. 24
Q. How old were you?
A. 29

Q. Did you have a wife?
A. Yes
Q. what was her  name?
A. Ohfos

Q. What was chuck's Native American Name?
A. Pohr

Q. were Chuck and Diane together at the time?
A. Yes
Q. Did we have kids ?
A. Yes
Q. How many kids?
A. 2

Q. When did Chuck Die?
A. 28 years old
Q. When did Diane die?
A. 26
Q How did we die?
A. Ambush by Wolves

Chuck asked him to close the board as it was around 5 AM and we had to head to bed. LOL....... 

We did research today and Yes, Mohawk tribe did come up to MN. Not sure about if they were in Minnesota in 1459 but it still is interesting. 
We watched several interesting Videos on Mohawk tribe. Very Interesting.
Here are some of the links we watched on Mohawk tribe:

What a Wonderful Day. Very interesting session.
Will have to set the video camera up next time before we start.

Have a Blessed Week

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The ITC Collective Group

The ITC Collective

Great Group of People Sharing their ideas and Experiences of ITC Research

Set up by Huff Paranormal

Highlights to Part 1 Test Run of the Portal Awesome!

It took us a little time to get the buttons where they should be, but once we did, the messages were coming very nicely. 

Love the Portal! Thanks Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal

for putting this information out there for all of us to use.

To see the Video on How to Put Your Portal together

Plus a Thank you to PumpkinHead Paranormal for his How to Video here:

Both of the Videos were very helpful

You can order all the parts at Amazon and the Complete list is at

Huff Paranormal website here:

I think the Portal is well worth the investment

Love it

Monday, September 7, 2015

For Kat: Session with Angel Pendulum Board

On Sunday Morning after listening to Kat Angel on her Google Hangout, we thought we would do a session with our Angel Pendulum board.
We decided to  ask if the things that have been happening around her home etc, was her Mother letting her know she was with her. 
Above is the session and the answers.
To watch the video of Kat see below:
Kat Angel (Paranormal Pillow Talk)
We can try again later, but thought we would share.
Love our New Pendulum Angel board from Ebay
If you want to search for it, this is the name to search:
Pendulum Board - "Angel Wings" w/ Crystal Gem Stone .
We have ordered another one, so I have one and Chuck has one.
The chain for the pendulum has a darling angel on the end with a  Mother Opal Crystal for the pendulum. Love it!
We paid $19.95 and $6.10 shipping for the first one and $10 shipping for the 2nd one. We should have the second one next week. 

Stay tuned for our next few videos sharing more of our Angel Pendulum Board. 
Have a Blessed Month