Friday, January 16, 2015

Energy shift needed and wonderful things happen again

Touch Tone Lamp and Christmas Tree Lights STOP coming on: Why?
It has been quite a long time since our touch tone lamp and/ or Christmas Tree has turned on. I have been wondering why it has been so long.  The touch tone lamp has always came on for my birthday and on Christmas Day in 2011, 2012, 2013, but in 2014 it did not. So many feelings had gone through my mind as to why. Our mind can tell us all kinds of reasons which generally are not good, so I would let the thoughts go and just know that one day the answer will come.
(I have a lot to share with everyone of what has happened in my life and home in 2014, I will save this for other posts. )
The touch tone lamp had gone on Many, Many times in the beginning of 2014 and all the way though to October, in fact, from Spring to September it had  turned on a lot more than most years.  For it to stop to an abrupt halt was really confusing to me.
Rose Quartz Crystal: 
One day, I thought I should start putting my rose quartz crystal under my pillow at night like I used to do all the time. I had been missing my meditations that I used to do and  I realized that I had been charging / cleansing my crystals since October.  For the last few months I have not been feeling like my happy self  and figured that meditation and also having my crystal  under my pillow, was one of the BIG changes I had made, which I had to start again.

It Came to Me:
So, that night, when I laid down in bed (about a week ago), I stated all the things I am grateful for and stated my intentions etc. with my rose quartz crystal under my pillow again.   I also stated the intention to higher my vibration and live my life in Joy and love and asked for guidance.  When I was laying quiet , breathing and clearing my mind, it came to me. I should vacuum, my home, and clear the negative energy in the home. It had then dawned on me that a lot of New boxes and totes full of items had been brought into the house that may have brought negative energy in.  ( I will speak more about this in another posts in the future).  This all correlated to October events.  The puzzle pieces  started to fit together more and more.

Energy Clearing:
A few days later, we went to town and purchased sea salt, incense and some candles.  On January 14, 2015, around 9 PM, I lit a candle, vacuumed the floor, took a nice long shower and grounded my energy, got dressed and started to clear the energy in the house. I drank a full glass of water and lit an incense  of frankincense and myth. My Mother had a beautiful bell that I love the sound when it is rung, so I grabbed that, filled a salt shaker with sea salt,  and started clearing each room of the house.  In each corner of each room, I threw sea salt, moved the incense around the room along with ringing my bell moving around the rooms praying/ stating the intention of clearing the energy to pure love and happiness and remove all negative and unwanted energy, Only positive Love energy throughout.  I  through the salt towards every window and doorway with the same intentions. I went down the basement and did this throughout also. Once I was done with Each and Every room I visualized a white light of Love surrounding the house, garage and our land.  I felt awesome. it was like the energy in all the rooms had lifted definitely was not so heavy like it was.  I had my house energy and my own energy higher again.

When we settled into bed that night, which was around midnight, I stated the things I am grateful for and my intentions holding my pink quartz crystal and was just starting to doze off to sleep and our dog started to growl and bark. I then heard the doorbell ring. Who on earth would be at our home at 12:15 AM?
We got out of bed and I was running to the back door to see who was ringing the doorbell and when I passed the living room, I was delighted to see the Beautiful Christmas Tree lights were on! Wow, how awesome is that!  I went to the back door and there was no one there, and no foot prints in the snow!  No foot prints in the  snow in the front either! :)  You already know what I did next, if you have followed my video or blog posts, I ran and got my equipment, EMF meter, the spirit boxes,  recorders and started to have a session.

That is Not All! Same Date: 1-15-2015
The next Morning at 11:11 AM the Christmas Tree Lights came on again!
Which Again I did a session.
I am listening to these recordings tonight and for the next few days to see the messages that came through and will be sharing the information, so Stay Tuned.

Notice the date: 1-15-15 at 12:15 AM and then again at 11:11 AM the next morning, 1-15,15. I do not know much about numerology and the meaning of numbers, but I do know that  they do have significance with the Angels.  I will have to do research on this.

If you bring items into your home, I would recommend clearing the energy on them immediately.
Clearing Your Mind, in stillness every day should be a permanent practice.
Crystals can be very useful for keeping your mind clear and bringing intuition to you. Once you charge them, bring them back into your meditations.
I have received many messages/ intuitions/ downloads, whatever you would like to call them, while having my crystals in my hand during mediation/ stillness, or under my pillow at night.
If your energy in your home does not seem just right, do a clearing to shift the energy around again.
Take the time to quite the mind every day and drink lots of water!

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post, which I apologize for.
Now that it is winter time, I will start to do video and blog posts more often.
I also feel like I have my self back  where I can start to bring messages to everyone again.

Bright Blessings to You All
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Have a Great Weekend ;)