Friday, September 30, 2011

Talking with Spirits -Waiting for the Gas Man - September 30, 2011

On September 30, 2011 we went to Mother's House because the Gas Man was coming over to turn the gas on. We ended up waiting from Noon to 5:00 PM for him. He came around  4:40.
This is our conversations with the Spirits while waiting for the Gas man.
Very interesting interaction with us.

Spirit Box September 30, 2011 Part 1

Spirit Box September 30, 2011 Part 2

Your help with any of the translations is deeply appreciated. Along with your comments.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Talking with Spirits -September 24, 2011

September 24, 2011 (Settling up finances of the Estate).
We had gone to Mother's House in the afternoon to see what she had to say about what happened earlier that morning.
We had met my brother, (Gordy) and sister(Carol),at Mother's house to settle up on the money that was left in her accounts after paying all the bills. Then we went to hardees and had a chicken sandwich which Mother loved. After lunch we went to the cemetary where my Sister put Flowers out for Mother and Father.
At Noon, my Brother's touch tone lamp came on (which we found out later that night) and my sister said her light was on when they came home that day (Dustin's Lamp). (See blog post here for the significance of the touch tone lamps coming on)
We turned on the spirit box, recorder on in the car when we got there.
You can clearly see that the spirits knew that we were there right away. One spirit (Mother?) was interacting with us outside as we are talking about Mother's garden and the Johnny Jump Ups and the weeds we have to take care of.
During this whole conversation (around 45 minutes) the EMF meter was at 3 lights solid. Sometimes depending on what was being talked about it would peak out to all 5 lighs, and go back to 3 lights.
There are a lot of words we can make out plain as day what they are saying, but sometimes we are un sure and so we put Question marks where we did not know what it was for sure.
One really interesting part, was when I asked if she knew who I brought over the night before, (Friday night September 23rd) and she answeered plain as day: Betty.
In fact, she said, Betty several times. Which was correct.
My friend, Betty, and I had come over Friday evening so she could try on a few clothes of Mother's.
Mother adored, Betty and by the sounds of the recording was very happy that Betty found some clothes. ;)
September 27th between noon and 2 PM Dad's touch tone lamp came on. (Tuesday)
Se[tember 28 between 8:30-10:00 PM Dad's touch tone lamp came on. (Wednesday)

If you can make out any of the words with question marks, or hear a different word other than what we have in the video's please let us know.
What the spirits say is important to us.
I feelthat the spirits are my Mother and Father.
They know the names of my sister, (Carol) brother (Gordy) along with other family members names.
The spirit (s) are definetly interacting with us and answering questions.
You will hear us ask several times the same questions, to verify the answer, and sometimes we are not able to hear the answer clearly enough the first time and just want to make sure. Plus it tells us the consistency of the answers.

Your help with any of the translations is deeply appreciated. Along with your comments.
3 Videos
Talking with Sprits -September 24th, 2011 (Part 1 of 3)

Talking with Sprits -September 24th, 2011
(Part 2 of 3)

Talking with Sprits -September 24th, 2011
(Part 3 of 3)
Your help with any of the translations is deeply appreciated. Along with your comments.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Paranormal Equipment Arrives

Our Paranormal  Equipment Arrives
I was so excited when our Paranormal Equipment Arrived . This would mean when Mother or Father came and turned on the Touch Tone Lamps (See blog Post Here) or anything Paranormal in our house happened (See Blog Post Here), we might be able to talk to them and know that they were here!
The equipment that I got for my birthday was:
Coby Digital Recorder
P-SB7  Spirit Box
K-II Deluxe EMF Meter

My plan was when Mother or Father turned on either of the Touch Tone Lamps, I would turn on the EMF Meter and see that they were here. Then turn on the Recorder and Spirit Box and they could talk to us.

NOTE: (Previously on the 4th Prior to our Package Delivery)
Mother's Lamp had turned on August 4th at 2 in the afternoon on Low, and again at 4 the light changed  to Medium Lighting.
We had just gotten home from  picking Strawberries from her garden and  were talking in the kitchen and the light came on low (2 PM). Later on, my husband was thinking that he wanted to bake an Angel Food cake and have the Fresh Strawberries on top with whip cream. We couldn't find our Angel Food Cake pan, so I remembered Mother had one along with this Old 7-UP bottle that she used to hang the pan on top to cool with. So we took off over to Mother's to get her pan and bottle. When we come back the light went to medium light  (4 PM). So, she must have thought that was a good idea and was happy to see we had thought of it. 
It would have been nice to have the equipment then but no such luck!

We got our package on August 5th in the morning
August 5th in the evening: Was  when Mother's Lamp turned on, I was so excited, I ran and got the EMF meter and sure enough it was bright Orange! I was so excited. I yelled for my husband to hurry and get the recorder and spirit box turned on so I could talk to her. We were not prepared. The Spirit Box was on and talking but the Recorder was not set to record!  What a bummer! I was just so bummed.  I couldn't wait for Mother or Father to come again.

We figured out what we had done wrong so this would not happen again. 
We did not specify the folder to record in, and then hit Record on the Recorder.

For the EMF meter to be an Orange I was so excited. 
We had walked around the whole entire house earlier and only one light showed, which just means it is on.
The Only places the EMF meter moves is by the Refrigerators and the two alarm clocks.
So when the light came on and the EMF was on Orange (4 lights were shining), I knew that our faith in the touch tone lamps were confirmed! There is No Doubt in My Mind or my Husband's mind that when the touch tone lamps come on it Really is Mother and Father! ;)

Personal Notes for me to remember:
On the morning of the 5th, I had got a phone call from my Aunt who had stayed with my Mother for about a month earlier during the year when Mother was still feeling pretty good. We had a nice talk. 

I hung up and my Brother Called, they were having a Candle Ceremony for the Cancer Society for a fund raiser. ( There were 64 Candles in her honor. I was deeply touched! On August 6th).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some Paranormal things that have happened

Some Paranormal things that have happened to us Prior to Mother's Passing Away

Our Last Blog Post explained about the Touch Tone lamps and the significance they have in our lives.
This blog post will be in regards to things that have happened to use prior to Mother's passing away that were paranormal.

My husband's first experience with a spirit, was around 30 years ago. He had spent the night at his parents home. They were renting an old house in IN.  He was sleeping on the couch, and was woken up in the middle of the night, by  hearing footsteps going up the stairs. He didn't think much about it, as his brother had been out that night, so he figured it was him coming home and going to bed. The next Morning, his Mother was making breakfast, and they were all sitting around the table. He was watching his mother set the table and asked why she had not set a place for his brother, as he heard him come home in the middle of the night. So, she yelled for him to come to the table for breakfast. There was no answer. About that time, he come walking in the door. My husband asked him, what time did you get home last night? His brother answered that he didn't come home last night, that he was just coming home now. So, who was walking up the stairs in the middle of the night? His mother also told the story of her stove turning on by itself, water being turned on by itself and one night his father had gotten smacked in the face in the middle of the night by something. Woke him from a sound sleep. Pretty interesting stories.

I had never really thought much about spirits or ghosts except for being intrigued when others had told me stories of their experiences or watched shows on TV until I had moved to Indiana.
We lived in one home, where I always felt like someone was watching me. 
My husband told me the story of years prior (before we were married). When he was sleeping in the spare room with the window open. he was sound asleep. When he woke up, he could not move and it felt like something was over him trying to go inside of him. He says it is hard to explain. But he yelled, go away, No stop. then the feeling went away and he was okay again. He said it was a strange experience. A few years later, his grandson was staying with him in the same bedroom. He said he would cry every night but they didn't see anything. So he put a dream catcher over his bed and from then on, his grandson was okay.

My husband and I purchased a new home. This house was a remodeled home where half of the house was part of the old house and then the rest of the home was built on new.
The Old part of the house used to be a kitchen and living room, which was now two bedrooms. We had turned one of the bedrooms into our office. Once we had gotten all settled in. I started to see shadows every day around the same time of night go from our bedroom into our office. Which would have been from the old kitchen into the living room. About an hour later, I would see them go from the office (the old living room) into our bedroom (Old kitchen). The first couple times, I thought, it must be my imagination. But when it continued, it was just the way of life. I never saw the shadows go anywhere else just between the two rooms.
When it would happen, i would say to my husband: Did you see that? Did you see it this time? , but of course by the time, he would look they would have already crossed over the hall way and into the other room. I would even go down to the office and look in to  see if I could see them, but never did.

One time, on vacation, we stayed in a motel room in WI, that had a ghost that came to visit us.
It was a suite with a living room area. I had gone into the living room and had laid on the couch.
I started to feel a cold draft, but didn't think much of it as I thought maybe it was the air conditioner. But it continued on, and I did not hear the conditioner running. I kept getting colder and colder, so I sat up and looked over toward the window, and saw the rocking chair next to me rocking away, all by itself. I  kept looking at it, in disbelief as it still continued to rock away. I ran into the bedroom where my husband was, shutting the bedroom door behind me. We talked to the check out clerk the next morning. I was teasing her, stating we should have a discount because of the ghost that was in with us. She just smiled and laughed, and said, the ghost came with the room, no Extra Charge. LOL she proceeded to tell us the stories about the ghost that stayed on the 2nd floor, he never went to any other floor. She said, he would turn on TV sets, mess up the beds after the maids would make them, but did not cause any problems otherwise and he was a good spirit. LOL.. That was an interesting motel stay.  One day, I would like to go back there again. 

We stayed in that home for 2 years and moved to MN then. We lived in a nice double wide in the country on two acres of land. 

There we had a few experiences.
One time we were sitting on the couch, My husband, the cat was in the middle of us with a roll of toilet paper and then myself. We were sitting there watching TV and all of a sudden the roll of toilet paper flew off the couch and onto the middle of the living room floor. We looked at each other and looked at the cat, the cat looked up at my husband as if to say, what did you do that for? LOL and we were looking at the cat to see if she had done it. It was quite comical. 

One time my husband had made some sandwiches for us to snack on while watching TV, we had been sitting there for about a half an hour or so and all of a sudden we heard a noise in the kitchen. We both looked at each other and said: What was that? My husband said, maybe it was the butter knife I was using fell off the counter? So he got up and looked. But to his surprise it was a entirely different knife that he was not using and that had been further in on the counter. Which did not make any sense why that would have went flying off the counter onto the middle of the kitchen floor.

Our Bathroom sink would come on all the time by it self. To begin with, I would of course blame my husband, and say: You forgot to turn the water off when you were in their last. He would say: I wasn't even in that bathroom, how could I have left the facet on? LOL.. I knew it was not me, as I was always very careful to make sure that I did turn it off just because of it turning on all the time.

One Day I was on the phone talking to my sister. I was in the office. My husband was gone to work that day. I had gone into the kitchen to get more coffee and had come back into the office when I looked out the window and saw a man standing there looking at me.  I could not believe it. It was in the middle of the winter time and there was a few feet of snow on the ground. I told my sister, there is a man staring at m through the window Holy Crap, I took off and ran to the front door to make sure it was locked then ran to the back door and made sure it was locked. Then ran to the living room window to see if I could see a car in the driveway.
Nothing was there. I ran back in the office and looked out the window and no one was there.
 I told her if I scream hang up and call 911 LOL and opened the front door and peaked outside to see if anyone was around. Did not see anyone walking down the driveway, or the street. No cars, no one around.
So, when  my husband called for his break time, I told him what had happened. He said, he would look around the house when he came home. He looked all around and there was No foot prints in the snow in front of the office window, no foot prints on the sidewalk on that side of the house. If someone had been standing there.. there would have been foot prints. When he came inside I was telling him how tall the man was and what he was wearing. I saw a man with a brown parka on with a hat. It was just as plain as day to me. No one will ever tell me I didn't see what I saw. It was pretty cool.. never did see him again though.

Our Dog would  be laying down next to us in the living room and would be looking up in the air, then jump up and grab his toy and stand there with it in his mouth. Or he would start running around looking up in the air. We still cannot figure out why he did that, but it was like he saw a spirit  and was wanting to play fetch with it or keep them from having his toy. (This had started after our one dog had passed away, so I had always said, that maybe it was our other dog coming to visit).

We had started to get interested in some of the Paranormal shows such as: Paranormal State, American Haunting, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International. We would watch them use the tools to see if their was spirits in the houses, such as an EMF meter or the spirit box that  the spirits would talk through. I had always said, I wanted to get some of them to see if we could pick up EMF or voices when things happened in the house, But we never did while we were living in that home.

Then we moved to this house, that we are living in now. 
Our Gas stove would turn on when no one was in the kitchen. I would smell gas and go into the kitchen and the knob would be on. 
A few times our side door would be wide open when it should not have been.
Our vacuum started up all by itself one time.
Now the spare bedroom door keeps opening up. My husband worked on the latch to make sure that it was latching solid. But it still is opening up. This has been happening quite a bit the last few weeks even after he has worked on the door and latch.

Which brings me to Our Experiment and our Tools.

My husband was looking for a birthday present for me and since my Mother had passed away and we had things going on in our home prior to her passing (which those things could not be her) he thought he would finally buy me an EMF meter, a recorder and a spirit box! Woo hoo I was so excited and could not wait for them to come in.
They did not make it here for my birthday which I was really hoping it would have, since my Mother had come to visit at 8 AM that morning and turned on her touch tone lamp (refer to blog entry The Beginning- Our Touch Tone Lamps for details).


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Beginning- Our Touch Tone Lamps

How did this experience all begin? With Touch Tone Lamps!
Let me explain:
While my Father and Mother were both still alive, they had a touch tone lamp that was in the corner of the livingroom.  My Niece was in a bad car accident, and her son, (their Grandson) had died in the accident.
Since that time, the light would come on once in a while and my Parents would say: "That's Dustin stopping in to say hello". They would go on a trip and when they came home the light would come on. Saying " I was watching you while you were away and now that  your are home safe, cya later".

My Father had been diagnosed with bone cancer. The last few days of his life we had been taking care of him 24 hours a day in his bedroom. We moved the touch tone lamp, which we called: "Dustin's lamp" into his bedroom for extra light when we needed it. The night he passed away, My niece and I were standing in the doorway of his bedroom. She said she was tired and I had asked her where she was going to sleep. She turned and pointed to my Dad's Bed and was saying: I am going to sleep here in Grandpa's bed" which at the same time, I had looked over into his room.   Right then, Dustin's lamp turned on! This was approximately 2 hours after he had passed away. We yelled to Mother to let her know, Dad was saying Hello and that he was okay. 

A few times a year, the light would come on, Mother would say, it was Dad and Dustin stopping in to visit to say hello. When the light did come on, She would leave the light on until she went to bed and then shut it off and say goodnight. This was "normal" for us all. We all believed this was what was happening.My Mother was really close to one of my Aunt's. She had Cancer and was ready to pass on any time. We all knew it was going to happen but didn't know when. The morning she passed away, Mother's light came on. When it came on, she knew right then, that my Aunt had passed away. Within the hour, the phone rang with information that My Aunt had passed around the same time that the light had come on.
Another story of the lamp: After my Father passed away, the touch tone lamp that my parents had bought my brother had come on every day for a year, until my brother un-plugged it, so it wouldn't come on anymore. 
My touch tone lamp, that I call, Dad's lamp, would come on only  a couple times a year, around my birthday, Christmas etc or if something was going on in the family. 
My Mother was diagnosed with Blood cancer. She knew she was going to pass away any time. She started getting worse, so she had given "Dustin's Lamp to my sister. A few Days before she passed away, my husband and I had gone to the store and purchased a new touch tone lamp, along with my Niece had gotten one also. We brought it to Mother's and had placed her hands on the lamp for around 15 minutes, each lamp to put Mother's energy into the lamp. Every Day, I would let Mother know that we had purchased the lamps and that when she passes on to turn on the lamps to let us know she is okay. My brother had brought the touch tone lamp that he had over to Mother's and put it in the livingroom where "Dustin's lamp" used to be. Two hours after Mother passed away, My touch tone lamp had come on, and 2 hours after that, my brothers touch tone lamp came on.  We Knew that Mother had heard us and was turning both lights on for us. My niece had packed her lamp in her car the night before, as she was getting ready to go home, so her lamp was not plugged in that morning. I am curious if her lamp would have came on to if it would have been plugged in and in the house. 

One other note:  During the last few weeks prior to Mother passing away, the family was all taking turns watching over Mother. Someone was there 24/7. My husband and I were taking the night shift to watch over Mother. The day before Mother passed away, My Dad's lamp had come on around 4:10 PM. When I saw the light came on, I just knew that meant that Mother was going to pass away that evening. She did. She had passed away 4:50 AM the next morning.

I will be keeping a diary of when my lamp comes on along with our NEW experiment as this blog continues. 
So to recap:The new touch tone lamp that I had purchased prior to Mother passing away will now be referred to as "Mother's Lamp" She has turned on this lamp around 8 times since she has passed away. One time that Really made my Day was the morning of my birthday at 8 AM.

We have Dad's Lamp which I own that is in my bedroom. (Which as turned on twice since my Mother has passed away).

 We have the lamp that was my Mother and Father's touch tone lamp that my sister now has called: Dustin's Lamp. My sister has said, has come on once every couple weeks up to about two week ago, and now it has been every 3 days, it comes on.

My Brother's Lamp which my Mother and Father bought for him, which both Father and Mother turn on. Since My Mother passed away, my Brother's Lamp has turned almost every day. He says it is different times of day and night. He also says that when he is away for the weekend, it does not turn on, it turns on the day he returns. Once my Sister-in-law had turned on the light and was reading in the chair next to it, and all of a sudden the light Shut off.  This was the first time we had ever heard of a light shutting off on its own, so we figure since the light was on as bright as it could be turned on, when Mother came to touch the lamp to say hello, it turned it off this time instead. Pretty interesting that that happened.  What makes us all so curious is: Why does His lamp come on almost every day. Is Mother trying to tell him something. He is the Executor of the will.

My Nieces Lamp that she has at her house. She says that her lamp has only came on around 4 times since Mother had passed away, One of the times, was the night of her son's birthday, Dustin.
She had been in her bedroom crying, and wondering if Mother and Dustin were now together. That is when the light came on. Pretty cool how that happens.

So now you have the beginning and a briefing of details in regards to our touch tone lamps, and the significance of them in our lives.

The Next Blog Entry will explain things that happened in our home and the beginning of our interest in the paranormal.

Best Wishes,

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