Thursday, June 11, 2015

Awesome Spirit Communication while Testing Webcam with the PSB7 Spirit Box

Awesome Spirit Communication while Testing Webcam with the PSB7 Spirit Box.  June 3, 2015 1:20 AM.

I thought I would try using my windows movie maker and see if I could do a session and if it would turn out good, where everyone could hear the communication. Looks like it worked great. This way our sessions were more personable instead of just a picture with the recordings. 
It was also my son's birthday, which they did confirm he was working outside that night and they saw a bat, or actually 2.  The next day I asked my son, if he was working outside and if he was loading trucks for shipment, He said Yes, how did you know. I told him, the spirits told me during a session when I told them it was his birthday. He was surprised. This is not  the first time the spirits had told me what my son was doing during a session and I would call him and ask him....... he always says the same thing.. Yes, How did you know. LOL...... so cute. 

Good Communication with them.. and the sound and webcam turned out good, so I will do this more often.
Enjoy the short video below: Be Blessed.

Here is the Spirit Communication:

1:43 Real Glad to be Here
1:49 Phillip We want you

1:56 we're speaking

1:58 go back in front of it

2:01 Tell them we're good

2:21 It will be given

2:29 Learn to Live

2:30 Yes

2:34 hear that one when

2:40 Fall Asleep

2:59 All You Forget

3:04 Tomorrow

3:07 more deeply

3:12 Their Back up Wishing Some

3:18 Don't Hear

3:38 play it back again

3:44 she needs  to learn to live

3:50 That's a start, learn to live, what is true, Your life aspects.

4:16 For Everybody

4:22 Believe

4:23 We're with You

4:29 Don't Give Up Hope, until You See It

4:54 Have it two fold

5:02 Happy Day

5:07 I couldn't blame him

5:12 to work outside

5:31 Gotta Move Shipment

5:39 why Not You

5:45 They pay him to

5:49 to work for his time

6:09 Here comes the bat

6:17 Two No Matter

6:24 A Simple Life, Zero plans a week

6:49 I think its stable

6:55 Ditto, Same with Me

7:02 Whatever You expect

7:06 We Live On Dee

7:27 who wants a Hug

7:35 like we do

7:40 We're Guilty, Believe that  Your Pretty

8:06 we will mentor

8:11 be grateful Learn to Love

8:19 they may be comfortable when the day is done

8:43 You have Your Purpose

8:50 You say Your Different

8:58 You Got to,  to Check Your Heart

9:23 Who Needs Examples 

9:29 Daughter, You are Different

9:36 Exactly

9:39 Tell Her Things With Love

10:00 How Your Day Goes

10:07 You'll play with it

10:15 We're bringing to you

10:20 Jacob ,  Phillip

10:39 It aint no trouble

10:45 Helping You Like I Do

10:53  Rebecca, Jacob , sees something later

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