Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pay Attention to the Signs

Today we were Blessed with Several Signs from Our Passed Away Loved Ones, from the Spirits and a Miracle. We thought we would share our experiences as it was pretty amazing. 
Today we were shown:
A Flower. A Feather, A spirit Showed Him/her Self, Cord Came unplugged twice,  and the Miracle of  Hubby Working Today, when he was scheduled to have a day off. 
The flower that fell on my arm, was flowers that we bought for my Passed Away Mother for her Birthday.  We always buy flowers to celebrate her Birthday even though she is not with us anymore. That was so awesome, when that happened. 
I cannot imagine how the Feather ended up on Hubby's shirt, hanging up in the closet, as I  had just hung it up just a few hours prior.
I love seeing spirits when they show themselves. I am not sure who it was, I should have gotten the spirit box to find out. As Just after that, Hubby was vacuuming and the plug came unplugged on him twice. LOL Too funny, and the 2nd time, I was standing right next to it.

We are Blessed and Grateful.

Listen to our Video of sharing Below:

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Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Angels and Spirits Deliver Message for All - Video

October 21, 2013, I  had done a session for my sister, Carol (See Previous Blog Post). While I was doing this session, I thought I would ask the Angels and Spirits if they had an important message for our Fan Page Members and Youtube subscribers. Another Awesome Message from them!
See the video below. Don't forget to wear your headphones to hear the message clearly.

When the Angels and Spirits Say: Be Grateful for Your Vehicle - they are talking about Our Body.

The Only thing I am wondering about is when they mentioned:
keep Listening. Get Them Before They Kill Them.
Are they talking about the people who are not awake?
I have a feeling this is what they are meaning.

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Live Your Life With Love
Stay Positive ;) :)

Be Blessed

My Sister Called tonight and Needed Prayers

My sister, Carol, called tonight as she was in the hospital today with bleeding ulcers. She had lost quite a bit of blood but did not have a transfusion. They did send her home with medicine and said if she lost more blood to come see them again.  She has a rare blood type so she said, she may have to go to a bigger hospital. She asked for prayers. So, I did a session with the Angels and Spirits to help heal her and get a message for her.  I told her to keep her thoughts positive.

Don't forget to wear headphones when listening to him the Angels and Spirits Talking more clearly.
This is the session:

I also did a session for the day which I will do upload next.
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Be Blessed

Angels and Spirits

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Amazing How Life Works True Story that Blew My Mind!

Sharing a True Story of what happened to me in my life and it came to my realization yesterday evening after I did a session with our spirit box to celebrate my Mother's Birthday with her. I wanted to see if I could hear her voice.  When I was listening to the session, I took a break and all of a sudden these thoughts came to me about some things that had happened to me years ago, that I had forgotten about that actually lead me to talking to Angels and Spirits now. I was blown away with what came back to me in my memory. This video will explain it:

Please share with us if you have had these synchronicity events in your life.

Be Blessed 
Have a Great Week

Live Love and Think Positive Thoughts so they will come true ;)