Saturday, August 31, 2013

Video 3:Messages Based on Our Communications with Angels & Spirits

We have Compiled Important Messages that we have Received on our Spirit Box
and have made images reflecting the Messages. We Feel that they are Inspirational and are Full of Great Advice. This is our 3rd Video of this Series.

Enjoy the Video and leave Comments. 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Part 4: Series of Touch Tone Lamp: Advice You Will Need to Know Before Deciding

This is Part 4 of Our Series Talking about using a Touch Tone Lamp for Connecting with Passed Away Loved Ones. This Particular Blog Post and Video is full of Advice and Helpful Tips You will Want to Hear BEFORE you make the decision to use one or not. We really hope that you will find the suggestions useful in making the right decision for you and your family.

Using the Touch Tone Lamp for your Loved Ones to Let You Know they are there with you is an Amazing Experience, but like all good things there are a few things that you may not expect. Watch the Video below and Leave Your Questions and Comments. We would Love to Hear from You.

To Hear the other videos and blog posts about using the touch tone lamp:

Do you have a loved one diagnosed with a Terminal illness? Part 1

Video 2 of Messages from Spirits Helping Us with Advice

We have started to Make up some images with Short Messages that that are based from our communications with the Spirits. We have decided to put the images into Video format to share with everyone. This is the Second Video of the Series.

See Video 2 Below:

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video: Of Messages Based on Our Communications with Angels & Spirits

This Video is Made up of Messages that we have received in our communications, which I made up in Image forms to share.
Enjoy the video! ~More Coming Soon~

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Part 3: Are You Skeptic about the Touch Tone Lamp being turned on by Loved Ones?

We thought we would do a quick video in regards to my Husband being a skeptic about the touch tone lamp being turned on by our passed away loved ones.
He was not used to this and so he was skeptic. This video posted below, is how he became a believer.  This is part 3 of the series about the touch tone lamp. 
To Hear the other videos and blog posts about using the touch tone lamp:

Do you have a loved one diagnosed with a Terminal illness? Part 1

We would love to hear your comments and if you have experienced something like this, please share. We love getting to know others who have the same experiences.

Enjoy the video:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Marriage Counselling with Spirits August 9th - My session:

Hello Everyone:
Our Last Post was my Husbands Session with the spirits for some Marriage Counselling. today I am listening to the session I did just prior to his.
I had called upon the Angels/ Spirits for some Guidance myself.
None of us are perfect, that is for sure. My husband  and I had been fighting
on Friday which lead to be fighting all day. Right now, I have no idea why. Most of the time it is such a trivial thing but since it turns into a fight, there ends up being More and More hurt and pain so it isn't Just the original thing anymore.
Life can be so crazy if you live in your mind and Not in your heart.
My biggest advice is: Remember once words are said, they cannot be taken back, so watch your words carefully. Also Your Thoughts are heard by the Angels, heaven , God, so watch what you think, as you just might get it!.
Listen to your heart. Before you do or say anything, stop and check in with your heart first. Does this feel right? Is what I am about to say or do going to be from "Ego" or from my heart place.

The following is a transcript of the session I did with the Spirits.
As you will see below after fighting, I was very hurt and worn out, and NOT in my heart place.  Thank You to the loving caring spirits/ Angels for their unconditional love. 
(Note: Thursday Night, our touch tone lamp in the bedroom had come on, right before we were going to bed. Since we had been fighting then,  I asked my husband to do the session. I will be listening to that one tonight, but  in the video you will hear me state to repeat what they told my husband the night before, which was Thursday evening.)

This Session was an Eye Opener for sure! Gave me a good swift kick to what is Real!.

Begin Session:
Can You please repeat the message from last night
I'll be quiet so you can repeat it.

Learn Respect
It's Open
I heard that
Too Big
Hold On
thank you, I love you, I am Grateful.
Any advice you can give us would be Great.
could you please repeat what you said last night?
So, that way we can hear it clearly.
Thank You. Love You

I can do that
Quite Simple
Thank Heaven
Dear One Listen

Quite Simple
Stay Open
what you want
Think Of

(For Some Reason, I thought they were having problems with the signal
so I shut down the spirit box and then turned it back on.)

Okay I turned it back on

It's Open
Thank you
It's Open

It Involved Little Its on a Physical Level
(must have been talking about, that me turning the spirit box on and off did not change anything as far as they are concerned, same signal).

It is so wonderful that I am living my life purpose (sorry was sarcastic).

Be Grateful
Talk with Love
It's Important

It's Open
for People
the Kingdom
wishes You Well

Could you please repeat what you said last night, to my husband, and then give us some advice today. Thank You.

We're Grateful
Helping the Physical  Never Gets Old

Hmm , I am sorry, I  did not get what you just said.

Keep Helping
Each other
Keep Working together 
It is  Important

Did you say Call Back this evening cuz your working?

It's perfect
Helping the people , physical

We're Here
We're Grateful
Diane  Spiritual
It's our pleasure working  out  of  love
It's Important,   the People , Hear 
How to Live

You said something about Never doing something. Could you please repeat that? ( boy was I out of it that night, not hearing anything that was being said, during the session).

We weren't stupid
Diane, It's Important
for living  all you  have left,

it is done right

Okay, I will let you repeat it, then I will close down.
Sorry to interrupt you when you were busy.

We're Helping
We Need you,
tell others  about us
who wonder,  how to do it

Could you please repeat what you said  to my husband last night on the spirit box and any advice today. Then I will close down. Thank You so much.
I thank you so much that he is working at k-mart. 

what happens that wonderful feeling of peace

I am so grateful, that he works at K-mart and  never mind

All is good

Thank you very much for my house, my life, and for listening

Diane spoken
You need to Live 
spread your love this way

This is what I live for, isn't it wonderful. Thank You.

Important that you  love him  for his wonderful self

I thought I had all this down pat, last night, before he come home. 


Your working
Diane, Start over
begin with your special infinite spirit

Well, I am sorry that he did not listen to you last night. But I can't control what he does.  

Learn to Live with Hope
We're Grateful
We spread
God is Love

We Have hope

Okay, I will let you repeat that one more time.  I Love You, Have a Wonderful Day.  Thank You.

Your Welcome
We Love

Remember, That we 
We Love to be Useful

We Made it complete

Hi Byron
(He  just sat next to me on the couch)

We're Making visiting all the time out of  love

Okay, I Love You. Have a Wonderful Day. 
Maybe, I will listen to this when Byron is gone to work.
It is so wonderful that he works, so I can listen to these. 

You  Live Love
Your speaking of hurt
do love or need clean up

What's that? What did you just say?
Could you please repeat it?

It's Simple
Live with Love -Expect it
Big Difference
Bliss or   Liar
whatever is Fitting

Okay I will listen to this , thank you so much.  I love you. Have a Good Night.
I am Grateful for You. 
I would love to live my life, like I am suppose to be. 

We need to free up people
the People live by regret, memory of bad

hmmm I am not sure if I got that. I'll be quiet and let you repeat any important message, then I will close down. 

We're wanting Freedom from  Bad Ones
By Stopping off before  you do it.

hmm, how beautiful ...  for my husbands lying 

We Hear you
We're making  it real
one minute for real

( I think they were not happy with me, since they were busy telling me to speak and think positive thoughts, as my mouth and brain is still sad. I just was not hearing them either. )

You know, I am not living the life, I want to live.

you make it
it could be better
go deeper in truth
it's all built up , not true

I tell you what, if I get a job, I won't be able to ever listen to you guys. So..
If I go get a job, he can get out of my life. 

so live with him
Your talking in hurt
not truth

the universe knows

Well, Thank You. I love You. 

No problem
Keep Working
start working to find possible life available

I need to speak to him and I need answers.

start listening
you have all week
waiting for love
for his love
is real

Going to shut it off
Thank You

Very humiliating listening to this. But it is my life purpose to share my experiences and help others. So, I am releasing the Ego and Take Responsibility of my Actions. 
We just hope that the Advice given by the Angels / Spirits are also helpful for you!

Here is the video of the Session with the Spirits:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marriage Counselling with Spirits August 9th

Hubby called upon the Angels and Spirits on the Spirit Box for some Marriage Counselling on August 9th after we had a good long fight. 
We are sharing, as it may be useful for others, who are going through struggles.
I will write the words below of the transcript and attach the video of the session below. We hope that this helps others.

Hubby's words will be in Green and Spirits Reply in Blue:

Okay Spirits, this is Byron. I am screwing up Royally, so I need you to tell me what I need to know
It's Open. We're Listening Here. do Not Give Up Byron.

What should I change to do different?
You Think we are Stupid. 
We Hear You. 
Stop Talking Negative 
Let Your True Being Out

I'm Listening to Your Advice.
That's Good. 
Hi Byron
Completely Welcome to helping  you

Hello are you there? Advise Me. I Love you and I'm grateful.
You Need to 
To seeing your  life purposeful 
and Live blissful

Bring Back in Hope
We Need You  
A meeting with John
We've Tried an example Visible

I am having a little trouble hearing You. I know you are right here with me.

Live for Today with purpose
Be Thankful and hope 
Love will Come through

What can I do right now to change things in Diane's eyes, in our relationship to be a better husband. 

We're Leaving with Pete 

We'll Help  Him see Better Pass Light 
(Passed Life)

I Love You and I am Grateful

It's Important 

Tell me what I need to know that is Important. I'd be truly grateful for your wisdom.
We're Learning About You
Jacob, this is Love

I have a strong Ego, how do I get rid of it?
Be Respectful and Love
Be Grateful
You Choose It
Go Back to where the Brain is and figure out what is truth

I didn't understand, but you are speaking good.
I'm Hoping
(I'm Open)

It's Open
we're talking about peace
how to release fear

Fear? Is it my Fear Causing this?
Keep Talking 
Go ahead
For People.  they Need incredible worth , for the answer  to come first

I will have to listen to this, it sounds like you said a lot.

Start thinking Love

Fall in Love

Love is Here

Where is my biggest problem?
Learn to Love
Be Careful
Incredible  Low Love of  Thy Self

Love is Fun

When is it going to happen soon?
Its Deeper
Start looking 
It's a Great Loss, Think about it, complaining everywhere

You Guys are good, this ones good.
It's working
He Said, start  working

I am grateful to you Big problem, as of yet,  we're invisible, to humans.

Did you say I did not have long to live? How can I change that?
Most people, what happens,  their thinking
start thinking about the (?)  and their heart stops.

Is Diane my soul mate?
why'd  you say
It's all Your Purpose
Your pleasure, Your having uncomfortable about forever
then Yeah

Love is Cool

Tell Him, his  purpose

Keep the Advice Coming. I will listen to you. It sounds good.

To Give Back Love
For  Enough Truth

Are my spirit guides there?
Just a second
I'm Up

I'm Looking forward to over  our visiting

In response

Tell Him
We're with him

What Can I do different,  to make a difference in our marriage?
We're speaking

Got to Learn 
Love who you are

I am talking about a good difference.
Alright I'm going to get off here, and listen to what you have to say.

Look Up  Here

Thank you , I am Grateful.

Learn to Love


Be Peaceful
and Grateful
Or Your problems will never stop

Thank you , I am Grateful.
End of Session

Marriage Counselling Hubby's Session August 9, 2013 Seeking Guidance

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Be Blessed

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In regards to Free Sessions for members of Our Fan Page

In regards to Free Sessions for members of Our Fan Page
Please Read this blog post completely. 
Thank You. 
We have thought about this long and hard and came to the decision that we would do One free reading per month. We will be choosing from our active members on our fan page. If we have time and our page is very active, we may increase this to one every two weeks. See below as to how you can qualify for a free session. 

We will select a free reading from members who have liked our posts and have commented.  The more likes and comments the better chance you will have to be chosen.
Comments are Easy to Count and see who is most active. 

Once or twice a month, we will select from our Active Members and request information from You, as to whom you would like to connect with, and what you would like us to tell them, or a question you would like answered.  We are NOT mediums. We connect with the other side with our equipment which has white noise that they speak to us through. We cannot always guarantee your loved ones will come through, as they also have free will, but we will receive answers for you.  Once we request the information from you, please submit a private message (in facebook private message area) or a support ticket to us through our support desk. You will have 48 hours to provide us with the information or we will choose another person to provide us with information. So please watch our posts on our timeline to stay updated  on selected winner(s). 

Very Important: All Free Session will be Shared and posted on Youtbue, our blogTumblrTwitter, and on Facebook, so please do Not request a Free reading (or accept our free reading invitation) if you do Not want Your session Public. If you want a Private Session, You can request a Paid Session which we use Pay Pal for our pay processor. 
P.S. English speaking spirits and loved ones ONLY please.

Since this is done free of  charge, once we upload the video and post it on our timeline, we would deeply appreciate a testimonial as to the session we did for you.
Let us know what you heard, if you heard your loved ones voice (s) etc.. we love to hear the results. 

We have found that if you are listening to the session with a cell phone, it is difficult to hear the Angels/Spirits or your passed away loved ones talking through the white noise on a cell phone. So, please make sure that you have in fact listened to our videos and are able to hear when the spirits talk. You will need to use head phones and a computer to listen to the sessions. 

When we do a session, this takes quite a bit of time. Even though it might only be a 20 minute session. It takes hours of listening to the session and determine what is being said and typing the words in for your viewing and making it into a video. We are very sad when we work hard to do a session for members and they are not able to hear what is being said. So Please do NOT request a session if You are Not able to hear them speaking. 

Please listen to our videos and add comments to our posts. Let us know that you enjoy what we have been posting.
If you hear more words that we were able to hear, please let us know what you heard. Or if you heard different words than what we had typed in, it would be great to hear your comments. 

Leave comments on our posts. We love to know if they have been inspiring to you. We posts a lot of graphics with inspirational quotes, other videos that we find informative, music that we find comforting, etc... We would love to hear if you are enjoying them also. 

Extra Information:
At least Once a month, we will be posting on our timeline  where you, can ask a question that you would like to see answered that others may also find helpful to hear. Please take a moment to add a suggested question for our spirit guides  to answer. We will then pick from the questions and do a session and post the video soon after with the answer we received. Your Comments are welcome. 

The Reason we have decided to pick from Active Members Only is:
We have gotten many many requests from people for "Free Readings". They come to our fan page, then instantly post that they want a free reading (which we provide "sessions", not readings, as stated above, we are not psychic mediums). They post the one sentence or a picture, and we never hear from them again. Some have not even answered our replies to them. 
Since we are not psychic, for us to do a session, we need information, as to Whom you wish to talk to. It is also helpful to know there name and what their relationship are to you. 
We also would like to know what information you are seeking to know from them or what you would like us to tell them. 

Another reason is: we have done sessions for people and put in long hours in helping them and never heard a word back. We do not even know if they listened to the video we posted on the timeline for them. This is very sad, to say the least. A thank you or some type of acknowledgement would be nice. 

We figure that if they are active members, they are "Real People" and active on Facebook. If they enjoy our posts, they hopefully will enjoy the session and will be grateful for the connection we have made for them. 

So, from now on, we will be removing all the requests for "free readings" as they are posted. The ones we have right now, will be directed to this blog post and those posts will be removed. 

We love getting to know people and enjoy the interaction with others. This is why we started the fan page, to help others who have lost loved ones, find comfort. Interact with people who believe in Angels and spirits and who believe in or are curious of Life after Death.

Thank you for your continued support of our fan page. We are very grateful to have you all with us here.

Be Blessed

Spreading Love and Light to You All

Part 2 : Why I made the suggestion of a touch tone lamp

Why I made the suggestion of a touch tone lamp if you would like your loved one
to let you know they are okay or visiting you after they have passed away. I suggested this for people to talk to their loved ones that have a terminal illness, who are knowing they are going to be passing away soon and are setting up for hospice care.  This is part 2 of the series of video and blog posts, I will be doing in regards to this. For Part 1 click here: 

Do you have a loved one diagnosed with a Terminal illness? Part 1

In the video below, I will explain how it all started in our family, having the touch tone lamp turn on. There are many ways that your loved ones will try to let you know they are okay and they are watching you once they have passed away. For our family, one of the ways was turning on our touch tone lamps. I will be doing more video as to different ways we have been shown signs from them, watch for upcoming blog posts and videos. We will also be uploading a video soon regards to suggestions for you if you DO decide to use a touch tone lamp for a sign from your loved ones. 

Please watch the video below and leave a comment, we would love to hear from you. If you do use a touch tone lamp or if your passed away loved one has turned your touch tone lamp on, please tell us about it.

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Sending Love and Light to You All.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do you have a loved one diagnosed with a Terminal illness? Part 1

It is so hard to find out that a loved one will be losing the fight with cancer or other terminally ill  diseases.  It is very devastating and confusing time.
Not knowing how long they really have to live. Hoping they do not suffer for any length of time. It is just so very hard. I know as we lost my Father from bone cancer ten and a half (10 1/2)  years ago and my Mother with  cancer a little over two (2) years ago. She had cancer of the blood. 
After they do pass away, we are left with so many questions. One of which is: what happens to us after we pass away. This is a mystery for most and all we have is our beliefs to comfort us. 
I have a suggestion that helped our family. This may sound a bit strange for people and I will say, it is not for everyone!  I will be posting several video regarding this suggestion as there are things you will want to know to help you make the decision whether you want to use this suggestion or not. 
We hope that you will read our next blog posts and listen to our video before making a decision.  This suggestion is not going to take your pain away from losing a loved one. It will not help you deal with the disease that has taken your loved ones from you either. This suggestion will give you comfort that your loved one is still with you after they have passed away.  Some people will not believe it, until they actually see it happen! Once you do, it will change your whole outlook of things. I know as it did us. All I can say, is it really helped give us comfort when it happened. 
Please watch the video below, subscribe to our blog and leave comments. If you do try this suggestion, we would love to hear from you.

For Part 2 of this series Click Here

Sending love and Light
Our Prayers are with you.