Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Amazing Spirit Voices Coming Through Love Them!

On January 15, 2015 the Christmas Tree Lights had come on. They had not come on for quite a while.. not even during Christmas time.. so I had just did a house cleansing.. see blog post  about that... Once I did the cleansing , the lights came on. Along with the Garage Lights and back porch lights. After the Session, we had our recorders still going and we captured these spirit voices.

Listen to the video below and Leave comments letting us know what you heard. We would love to hear.

We have found more recordings and are going through them one at a time.. I have a Feeling there will be lots more coming.

I am so grateful 

Have a Blessed Week

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Video: Class A EVP Caught on Digital Recorder Awesome Evp's

While Chuck and I were taking a road trip, I decided to turn on the digital recorder and interview him about how we met and we finally got together after 40 years. We thought our story would give others hope.
After uploading the recordings and making a video of them, we heard these awesome EVP's , so we thought we would share. 
Incredible  capture of Class A EVP's on 2 as you can hear in the video above. 

I will be uploading the rest of the interview hopefully tomorrow as we listen to more tonight. This recording was done April 19th, 2015. 

In the next video and blog post, Chuck is talking about how his belief's have changed toward Death and paranormal activities. So stay tuned.

If you want to watch the original videos regarding how we met follow the links below.

Video: After 40 years, we are finally together. How We Met (Part 1)

Video: After 40 years,: How we Got Together (Part 2)

Be Blessed
Have Hope
Live Love