Saturday, May 16, 2015

Video: MUST WATCH AWESOME Spirit Voices On Skype

Spirits Communicating on Skype Unbelievable Interpretation Added.
 Totally Unbelievable I Love it

Chuck and I were talking about using Onions in our hair
using skype and Snagit to do a video. What we heard when we played this back is AWESOME! I have put in the words that we hear, there is a lot more but with us talking it is hard to make the rest out. Leave a Comment if you hear more.
Thank you for watching. Share the Video, it would be appreciated. I have heard of People communicating with spirits on Skype but I had not heard any video about it or heard what was captured. This is Totally Amazing. Loving It!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Messages We Have Received to Live By

Messages We Have Received to Live By

I made these posts for our members to Enjoy. 

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Angel Graphics by: Emma

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Messages from Angels and Spirits

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