Monday, September 7, 2015

For Kat: Session with Angel Pendulum Board

On Sunday Morning after listening to Kat Angel on her Google Hangout, we thought we would do a session with our Angel Pendulum board.
We decided to  ask if the things that have been happening around her home etc, was her Mother letting her know she was with her. 
Above is the session and the answers.
To watch the video of Kat see below:
Kat Angel (Paranormal Pillow Talk)
We can try again later, but thought we would share.
Love our New Pendulum Angel board from Ebay
If you want to search for it, this is the name to search:
Pendulum Board - "Angel Wings" w/ Crystal Gem Stone .
We have ordered another one, so I have one and Chuck has one.
The chain for the pendulum has a darling angel on the end with a  Mother Opal Crystal for the pendulum. Love it!
We paid $19.95 and $6.10 shipping for the first one and $10 shipping for the 2nd one. We should have the second one next week. 

Stay tuned for our next few videos sharing more of our Angel Pendulum Board. 
Have a Blessed Month

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