Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bux 's Message for Lauren & Kyzza

One of our members asked me to see if I could find out a few answers for her about her Beautiful Dog, Bux a Staffordshire Terrier, who had passed away 2 years ago on October 8th.  So, I took out my Angel pendulum Board and thought I would see if I could connect with my guides  and Bux. Also Chuck took out his Angel pendulum Board also and his pendulum answered the questions at the same time as mine. It was totally amazing! We both received the same messages at the same time. So, we both have faith that the answers below are correct.
We are so Blessed and Grateful to our Guides and Bux for communicating with us this morning.  See Pictures and Communication Below.
I had Lauren's Message up with Bux's Picture up on my Computer before I began my session. I recorded the session with our digital recorder and have made a video with the messages we received. 

Here is Bux

Here is the Video of the Session: 

We used our Angel Pendulum Board to do this session.

Have a Blessed Week
Sending Lots of Love to Everyone 

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