Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Picture Message on Mirror October25, 2015 Images

Wow this is pretty awesome. We took a video of the images on our mirror
today (October 25, 2015) and when we watched the video
we started to see ALL Kinds of Awesome Images!
Depending on the angle of the camera as to what we saw.
See the video and the pictures below.
Let us know what you see, we would love to hear from you.

This has happened several times now, where we woke up and
noticed images and writing on our mirror. Is it our spirit guides or past away loved ones leaving us messages? Not sure. But we wanted to capture
the experience. 

Here is the Amazing Pictures We got from the Video

I  put a circle around what we found interesting
It almost looks prehistoric. Prehistoric Bird maybe?

In this picture it looks like a wolf
But when you blow it up or go to a different angle
it looks like a horse/unicorn , polar bear etc.. We will show more below.

The 2 Pictures above show a Number 2 with 2 hearts to the right of the number toward the top of the picture. Pretty Awesome!

Here there is a Little Boy standing 
maybe by a couch. 

A little Clearer Picture of a kid standing by couch.

Sane  Area Picture but I swear it looks like a Wolf or some type of animal
laying down. What is to the Right of it? not sure What do You See?

Could be a dog?

Even maybe a wolf?

Whatever those pictures are, it was quite exciting and interesting
to have them show up on our mirror.  Now in the morning
we will take a look at the mirror and see if anything changed.
If it hasn't, we will give it a good cleaning and wait for more images or messages to appear. We love it!

Do we just have an awesome imagination or did some non- physical
being put them their for us to see. Open our eyes to more possibilities.
This life is so awesome and full of so many beautiful mysteries.

Be Blessed .
Leave your comments below and let us know what you see.

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