Saturday, July 4, 2015

SCD-1 & Portal session: PumpkinHead Paranormal Spirits ask me a question?

View the Original Video Below then watch the Video I made by taking the audio clip and putting it into Audacity and changed the speeds to listen to his audio and figure out what question the spirits were asking him.  I also did reverse to see what that would do. Very Interesting to say the least. 

Changed Speeds and Reverse with My Interpretation:

After Listening and Listening 
I Really think it says:
I have a question:
Does the Positive Proof Exist?
Reversed is interesting
If the Truth Evolves 
they Keep Dealing with that
Yep Yep

Please leave your comments below with your thoughts of what you hear.

For the Full Video of his session, which was pretty awesome how he set up his Portal
check out this video:

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