Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Help Needed to blow up a picture and Not Make it Blurry

Tonight Chuck and I were watching a video we had uploaded on May 17, 2015 of a skype session. While watching it, I saw movement on the left side of the screen. We are the ONLY ones in the house, so I thought it was odd to see something moving. I took a picture of the video with my snagit and blew it up to see what it could be. It looks like 2 faces.  
Does anyone know how to capture a Picture from a Video and make it Bigger so we can see what is in the picture clearly? I would deeply appreciate it if you could help. See the picture I captured from the video below:
Here is a short clip with Just the part where the movement was in the original video:

Here is the original video
Look at the left side of the screen on top corner:
at 6:47 - 6:48

Greatly Appreciate Your Help if You can
Have a Blessed Week

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